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Is a hydroponics growing system a good school project?

hello Ron, i am a high school student from s. west Washington, and i am starting my own small hydroponics growing system. i have all of my equip. and i am ready to plant. i have two questions for you; 1.can you recommend any fertilizers to promote fast & healthy growth of tomatoes?

Any of the liquid concentrated hydroponic solutions work well but my favorite is Formula One A & B because it's cheaper than the others and you use the same mix for veg and bud stage, you just increase the PPM for fruiting.

2.what are some of the differences between tomato cultivars used in hydroponics? Thank you for your time, chris

I left a request for a remedy to acid chewing up my pump housing and got a response from George in Cresent City FL (04 Jan 2001). One word . . . "excellent". Thank you George.

The plans you mentioned back in April - are they still available? My email is Thanks!

I am attempting to build a 100 plant garden in my classroom. What suggestions do you have for me. Is it possible??? I hope you can help or it can be done! Sincerely, the Middle school tech man

A 100 plant is no different than the 11 plant or 16 plant garden. Just a bigger pump and reservoir. Don't use an over flow pipe for large gardens. Just set your cycle timer to how many minutes it takes the water to rise to the correct height every 30 minutes or so.

a cheap and easy way to start seeds is to take a 1 or 2oz plastic bathroom cup(the kind u use to put mouth wash in), put a hole in the bottom, shread sum newspaper, wet it, put in the cup, drop in a couple of seeds, add a thin layer of shreaded newspaper on top and water everyday with a diluted hydroponic nutrient solution(maybe 1/4 tsp per gallon), put in a tray in warm place that gets sum sun or under a grow light...hope someone can use this,


worried customer, ordered parts a week and a half ago, still not received. what's going on. parts a must. are they in the mail? Or did I get scamed? Please let me know. will update in one week or when parts received.

J. Wright

It's on the way. Your order was so large it took a little longer to send to Canada. They said it takes longer because it has got to go threw customs.

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