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Can someone give me good hydroponics information?

I was messing around on this wild and crazy internet looking for hydroponics information, and stumbled upon your site. Congratulations! You have the best site I've found so far.

Ron, I am growing in aerated water and my plants are doing well. I have noticed that algae is forming in the water itself. Will this cause problems for my plants? If so, can I get a common anti-algae agent that would normally be used in a fountain or pond or aquarium? Will that hurt my plants. Thanks

Put a lid on your container to keep the light from hitting the water, that's what causes algae. You can't grow hydroponicly without some algae. It means your water is healthy and has nutrients in it. I would start to worry if I didn't see some algae on my gardens. If it builds up to where it becomes a problem then change your water.

My tomatoe plants look healthy and are getting tomatoes on them. why are the leaves starting to curl like they are going to die

Hey Ron, What are your thoughts on the bubbler type systems for growing various plants, do they work better for some plants than others? I am interested because of not having to move water. Bout the best details I have found are on one that a guy is using for dope, he gives wonderful details and pictures. Here is a link, how bout giving us your opinion on this type hydro system. Thanks, DC

Very interesting. I will study it in detail today and get back with you. I will also pick up some Rubbermaid tubs today and build a similar aeroponic Garden that uses a small submersible pump instead of an air pump.

We built your 11 plant hydroponic garden, but how do we put the plants in it? We saw the picture with a plastic cup in the bottle, but how does that work? Lathrop Adv. Tech. Class

Wash the dirt off the plant roots. 
Put a few rocks in the bottom of the solo cup. 
Place the plant in the cup and fill it up with rocks.

 About the little cups again: So plants go in the little cups and cups go in the 2-liter? And the roots are in the cup, or do they extend out? How big should the holes be? Thanks!

It's OK for the roots to grow outside of the solo cup but don't let the roots go down the pipes and plug up your garden. If you water the plants often enough the roots don't need to go looking for water. The holes in the solo cup should be small enough to keep the medium from going through.

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