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Where can I buy a hydroponics kit?

ron: i am planning to make your hydroponics kit which you show in the 8 lesson hydroponics tutorial, and i probably plan to place it inside in a room with little to no ambient light. If i grow beans, what type of light/lights would be the best setup in terms of cost effectiveness vs. how well they provide the plants with light? i would welcome any input that anyone has on this topic.

P.S. i am building this for a science project

Can I find poisonous plants?

I just got my system built and thought I would use a perlite/sand mixture. Right now it is about 60%/40% respectively. Should this work

I don't know. Let us know if it does.

What remedies do I have for an outdoor flower garden if my water is extremely hard AND over-chlorinated by the city treatment folks?

I just got started in hydroponics and am having a few problems. I am using Bcuzz products and an agritest-1 meter (which does not seem to work with Bcuzz). How often do I add more nutrients? I added the correct amount to water to start off with but I have no idea how fast the system uses the nutrients? Can I just add a lot of nutrients or can over feeding cause problems?

You add nutrients every time you add water to your tank. You only add plain water if you want to dilute your solution.
You change the entire tank every two weeks or sooner if you detect a problem with your plants. 

Hey i just built an ozone generator for about ten buck, It works really well, For about 10.00 bucks more im gonna put a small fan on it to make it even better. The reason it was so cheap is that i found an old neon transformer. You can buy them off ebay and make the cost go up about 25.00 bucks.

I also have been researching a method called Scrog (Screen of green, not sea) which involves training the plants under a piece of chicken wire. and sending the buds up through the hole, very efficient for fluorescent lights, because the effect is a 2d canopy of leaves, so you can grow with fluorescents and keep the light about 6 inches from every leaf. You see the reason fluorescent to good is because the light diffuses and is very weak after about 12 inches, so your lower leaves are staved for light, so you all can see the advantage of keeping al the leaves on the same plane.

Together with rons bleach bottle idea or maybe even 2liter bottle, you can make a very high output compact garden. An expected yield for a 2x2 8 ft tall box is (2 oz per square foot) 8 oz's per crop. now double the size 4x4 8ft tall (16 square ft) 2 lbs per crop.

another idea... use one size light to big. if you need a 250 watt light get a 400. now veg for 20 hours with a 250 wat bulb (you can use any bulb smaller than the ballast, bulbs draw power, ballasts don't push) then flower with a 400 at 12 on 12 off. the result you have lots o ligt for the important stage, (BUDDING of course:) but way more importantly, your power DOES NOT FLUCTUATE WITH EACH CROP!!! The power companies dont care how much power you use, Some dio have programs to watch for the tell-tale fluctuation. that coupled with a cheap homemade ozone generator, and you are covered in style.

I have a tendency to ramble and misspell, (especially when im in a hurry, like now) so please post questions or email me at Why should i help anyone? Two reasons, first and foremost, to share the wealth. second, I don't have anywhere to grow :( so by helping you all i can feel as if im growing. id rather you all post any questions you have so every one can learn, but feel free to email.

ps i also have a local copy of a web page i found on wireing your own lights i can give to anyone.


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