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Is there a lot of hydroponics information online?

I am impressed with your web-page and knowledge of hydroponics. I am just a beginner and am learning a great deal from hydroponics online. My e-mail address is I am wondering whether I can still purchase a pump and other hydroponic hardware thru your website??? Please advise... thanks. I am very interested in aeroponics too... Sincerely, Steve

Yes. Who said you couldn't.

Ron, is that some new Long-Stem Hybrid Romaine lettuce in your "what`s new" page? Sure looks Yummy!!

No it just grew that way before I harvested it. It was good. I ate salad for three weeks.

how do i kill mushrooms growing in the lawn my dogs eat them and then are ill.

Hello.. I have been gardening in organo-hydroponics solutions for about one year now, with varied success. Once I learned the correct quantities of organic substances to put in, I was getting comparable results to the general purpose solution. I beleive that the one problem with the organo-hydroponics systems is that the nutrients are not in plant soluble form. Anyhow, I was reading in a book somewhere that carbonic acid (basically CO2 dissolved in water) takes undissolved nutrients from the humus (or other organic matter), and makes them plant soluble. I'm doing some experiments at the moment, but I beleive it is important to let the carbonic acid sit for about 12 hours to let the CO2 dissipate after putting your nutrients in, as carbonic acid is slightly alkaline. Has anybody had any experience with this??


Ernst I think that would depend on how much of any specific type of vegetables your family likes. Kind of a learning curve. Are you planning on growing all year or just in a traditional growing season? I noticed you live in Iowa. You will definitly need a greenhouse if you plan anything for winter. I built an inexpensive on for about $150-$175. Cliff

what is the green matter growing on the perlite in our ebb and flow system?

how about baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) to lower ph (in a pinch)?

duh, I meant "raise" ph.


HI Ron, where the heck can I find 1" SDR-26 PVC? I've called just about every plumbing supplier in the Baltimore area as well as some irrigation wholesalers. So far I'm lost, I guess I'll just have to get some from Pipe Dreams. Any other suggestions?

I guess you will. I'll send you all you need already cut 1 inch long for a few bucks.

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