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Could I buy a hydroponics set?

Our class is having a radish growing contest, how do i grow the biggest radish?

what number of cf would i put in a mini hydroponics set if i was growing 1 radish we are having a competition at school who can grow the biggest radish

What equipment is needed?a list?

I like your 11 plant garden, can you tell me what I would need to expand you 11 plant garden to 33 plants?

How about some more information on the aeroponic unit that holds 397 heads of lettuce.

Bill S.

Att: Tailwheel

When are you going to post the drip emitter system sounds pretty neat I would like to try. also are you using clorox jugs for your 32 ounce cups


RON!! I'm using the nft type of gardening in a homemade planter. its a 12"/12"/12" box with a 3' piece of 3"i.d. pvc run through. I run a 15 gph pump into both ends of the pvc constantly and the nutrient solution drains into the center. my questions are 1 when I turn my pump off all the water drains back into the tank.(syphon) do you know of any easy backflow controls? Can I run my pump only 15 min every hour? I also have a 8" bubble wand (no Im not bragging) directly in the pvc. will this give the roots enough o2 and keep the water from stagnating? Im currently growing sweet peppers and 2 birdhouse gourd plants I transplanted about a week ago and the peppers look great but the some of the leafs on the gourd plant are kind of wilting on the sides any ideas, comments? Im using hydro farms liquid all purpose 7-7-7 THANKS RON U DA MAN!!!!!!!!!!

You didn't mention what if any type of medium you are using. Submersible pumps are designed to drain back through the pump when they shut off. 
You can water every so often if you are using a medium to hold a little moister between waterings. If you aren't using a medium then you do have to run the pump continuously and putting an air bubbler in your tank is one of the best things you can do. 
Maybe gourd plants don't like that much water.

Thanks for the help on watering. I am using a 1'lift@ 185 gph. Its a little overkill but was the only pump I could find. Should I barely open the valve until it fills and empties within say 2 to 5 min or?? min. Also, what kind of timer do i get and where? Thanks DR Greenthumb

The timer you buy will determine how long you have to water. I use 15 min. on 15 min. off 24 hour timer. So that will give your pump 15 minutes to fill the garden to the right height. Your plants don't need to be watered for that long but a cycle timer that lets you set the on time by minute increments cost a lot more. 

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