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Is there a hydroponics store in my area?

Re: Difference between HPS lights

There is no real difference between the lights you buy at the hardware store and at a hydroponics store. The ones at a hardware store often times have a built in ballast, and a grow light has a remote ballast, making it a bit cooler. The light they put out is the same, given the same reflector, which you can build. If the wattage is the same, go for the cheaper light.


I just came from one of your stores, which I had visited for the first time since it opened. Although your prices are quite high I was pleased with your selection of gluten-free products, and was planning to shop there frequently in the future. That was changed when I heard my car and license plate described over the public address system. When I responded, I was told that they page people routinely when they think a care has been parked for too long in their lot. The car owner then must come to the customer service desk to demonstrate that he or she is, in fact, in the store. I don't like being harassed when I'm shopping, so I will use your store only when I cannot get a product anywhere else. I suggest that this policy is counter productive from your viewpoint, and extremely distasteful for customers. James Duffy, jim-jane

That would be hard to do considering I don't have a brick and mortar store yet. I wish I owned every hydroponics store you happen to walk into I didn't invent hydroponics. And if you are talking about Worm's Way, they only advertise with me. I don't own them or any other hydroponic company that post on this web site except Pipe Dreams Hydroponics. 

Here`s a cool Idea for a small 4 plant ebb&Flow Garden. Would work great for lettuce. Pic here -

do you have a graph of economics of hydroponics

Where can I purchase a high pressure sodium light in the Yorkshire area?

hey, ron where do you go to buy grow rock and will fish tank rock work.If I use merical grow for my nuteints will it work. I am doing this for a scince project and think that Hydroponics are really think that it is COOL!!!!! I built your 11 plant system and everone thinks it's COOL. Thank you for your site and hope your buiness does Great this spring and summer.

At the grow store. No. And No.

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