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Ron, How often should I flood my 11 plant system with tomatoes and peppers? I'm using a combination of rockwool and growrocks for my medium.

every half hour or so

You don't need to aerate your nutrient solution. The easiest way to do it if you really want to, is to allow the pump to continue for 30 seconds or so longer than is needed to reach the overflow. The nutrient solution falling back into the tank will aerate it.

I would like to know if any1 know a good source for hydroponics

What is the best way to control the water's Ph in a 11 plant system.


pH up or down from any hydroponic supply source. 

I heard that a mixture of epson salts (1 tsp) and a gallon of water is good for getting rid of bugs on my plants. Is this true?

sure can't hurt them

My aeroponic tomato plant in my basement started to flower last week. It has been growing for about 2 months. When will I see tomatoes? It gets 18 hours of 1000watt light every day. Do I need to reduce the light time to get it to produce tomatoes? here is the link to the algorythm site it is the answer to a lot of my questions! thank you all ! can anyone help with the sea of green questions?

Have you heard of Israel Corporation of Agricultural Applications (I.C.A.A). We are asking proposals from them for developing a controlled greenhouse for commercial use.


No but their is a lot of hydroponic greenhouses in the mid-east. Something to do with their soil like not any.

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Re: Outdoor flower garden

When you fill your nutrient tank, just do it a day or so in advance of adding the nutrients. The chlorine should evaporate from the water all by itself.

Not much you can do about hard water except live with it. I have very hard city water here (lots of scaling on plumbing fixtures) but it doesn't seem to have any effect on the nutrients or how the plants take them up. Don't worry about it.


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