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Does a hydroponics garden need to be large?

O.K. I'm a little slow. Looked all thru previous messages for size of reservoir, then found it hiding in "Order Your Own Hydroponics Garden". Thanx anyway, Chris in N.C.

I am looking to set up a Hydroponics garden and I am just looking for a list of the required elements such as chemicals.. and lighting requirements...

Hi Ron. Here at unc charlotte scanning last years questions and comments pages. my assignment is to write a paper on growing a hydroponics garden in a limited space such as a small section like 3x3 ft. What would be the beginers garden and what to expect out of it when following instructions precisely. My example is using bean plants and what kind of maximum yield can I expect from using the basic elements. Food light pump water. sincerely henry ridenhour


First, I have to thank you for such a wonderful web site, and the obvious time and effort you have put into it at no charge to us. I've been able to establish some great hydroponics garden setups on my apartment patio. This hydroponics thing is so cool.

Question - I've been using Formula One nutrient and my plants have been blooming and producing fine for a while now. In your opinion, is it any benefit to use the Florabloom (General Hydroponics product I think) during the blooming stage or does the Formula One work just as well. Thanks again.

I have been using Formula One for 15 years and I swear by it. You don't need to add anything. Just increase the ppm for blooming. 1500 ppm or higher.

ron I am a 7th grader considering doing a hydroponics garden for a science fair project? Do you think this will be to difficult. We feel we could build the 11 plant garden-but we're unclear on what else we need to get started. Should I start the seeds in dirt 1st or buy plants already growing. I want to compare plants growing hydroponic to growing in soil. Thanks Matt

I would buy plants that will fit in the solo cups and wash the dirt off . Buy a few more to keep in dirt to compare with. If you can get the solution right then it won't take long to see the difference.

I was a mailman for 10 years and ran across several people using hydroponics and became interested and now im retired from there and have moved to puerto rico and need a hobby -small income or more . Thinking of a commercial hydroponics garden with the goverment backing and would like to know if you would aprove and the do's and the dont's. After all that, I would like to say thanks for what you are offering for free,seems as though you are caught up in the moment of mother nature at its best and that is why I'm asking you as to someone that has a vested interest. I to love mother nature and the money is only something that will offer me more of the outdoors. Thanking you in advance and do hope that you still have the love of it all Terry king

Could I have a hydroponics garden in a corner bedroom which has 3 windows on 2 sides? I am only interested in growing vegetables.

Hi, I am looking at building the 11 plant hydroponics garden. I would to know what is being used for the bottle on the top of the system to place your plant in, also what kind of vegetables grow well in this kind of system?

Thank You newbie

how do i know how much chemicals to put in my hydroponics garden

Hi Ron, How do you figure out how big is a nutrient tank to use? My hydroponics garden has 40 plant heads connect by 1 inch pcv (modified from your 9 plant garden).

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