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What plants grow best hydroponically?

Dear Ron, I'm planting tomatoes hydroponically but using soil fertilizer because hydroponic fertilized is not yet available in our place. I've followed your instruction to add micronutrients, calcium nitrate & magnesium. Everything is ok (plant healthy & growth rate is fine). However, when flower start to bloom, fruit will not develop & my plant starts to die starting w/ the upper leaves curling up. Hope you can help me w/ this.

i have heard of a idea of "hyper ventilating" please tell me if im just stupid and tired but is it true say if you enclose a hydroponic plant in a fish tank with the proper grow lighting and fill the tank for say 6 hours with co2 and then 6 hours of oxygen that the plant "hyperventilates" and forces the plant to suck up a lot of nutrients and makes it grow "beefier" and faster. i heard this idea from a pretty much rocket scientist who majored in growing plants (hydroponically) who was able to grow a choice plant in a week to say 4 feet

sounds interesting. 

one more question im a beginner and have a lot of them but any way can i use ammonium nitrate and a solution of miracle grow as my mix for your 11 plant system? and if so how much ntrate should i use

Read answer above. It's calcium nitrate not ammonium nitrate. Teaspoon per gallon.

Hello -- I just want to mention that Art Smith from Alabama Hydroponics ( is kind enough to host Tomato Challenge 2002. The basic objective is to grow tomatoes hydroponically and you can use any system to achieve that objective. In case you are curious about the rules, please visit his website and learn about them. As a matter of fact, that site should be viewed as an excellent place to get feedback from other tomato growers. I had a lot of fun with Tomato Challenge 2001 last year and met some really cool people on the internet. hydroponically. Hope to see you all at the contest. Happy Growing, Wayne

How do you prune peppers grown hydroponically? I need help please.

You clip any new flower clusters that form after the first few peppers start growing. The key is to let the fruit that's left to grow to the same size at harvest. 

Attn: Pepper Pruner

I've never heard of anyone pruning their vegetables, unless you're talking about trimming the roots of some plants grown hydroponically in an ebb & flow system.

What are you talking about?

I want to become hydroponically competent. Do you have a good reference for the hydrotyro?
I would like to start a small business raising plants and selling (retail and wholesale when I become efficient enough).
Lots of energy, but spinning wheels!!!
Rick D.

I plan to grow plants hydroponically for my science fair. I'm going to order a ready made kit, but i'm lost after that. If you'll please let me know how to get started actually growing the plants I would greatly appreciate it.


I am going to be try to plant bulbs in a hydroponic solution. Do you think bulbs will grow hydroponically?



I would think so.

How do you grow potatoes hydroponically? I would prefer to grow them outside. I was thinking a raised bed that contained clay pebbles and pearlite. Use a drip system that had a feed back to nutrient solution. Any ideas. Email me at Thanks, Tim

Yes I grew a small red potato in grow rocks once. I also saw on TV where a guy was growing sweet potatoes under black plastic in a NFT trough system with no medium. I got to try that method soon.  

I currently have a 55 gallon african cichlid fish tank with a undergravel filter. I was curious if the fish water would make a good solution to grow a few plants hydroponically. I wanted to assemble the 11 plant hydroponic system at waist level next to the tank since the tank in question sits on the bottom of a double stand. the ph is 8.5 would this be two high and what plants would you suggest I try first. Also what other water tests should I do and what results should I look for.

Yes it is called aquaponics. I helped build one for the Biology Lab at Fisk University a few years ago.
You can only grow low nutrient hungry plants like lettuce and some herbs. 
The problem is that fish like the water pH 8.5 and plants like it at 6.0 so the only thing you can do is compromise at set the pH at around 7.0
It would also be a good idea not to use expensive fish because you might be feeding your plants expensive fish emulsion when your fish start croaking.  

I'm looking for brands of growbags or peatbags adaptable to field- or greenhouse sizes! It would be to grow strawberries. If you have information about "big" growbags or about the way to grow strawberries hydroponically, I would be very glad to hear from you!...

Thanks for your answer, Tschüß,

Hey Ron, Its been a while since I last visited your site great stuff as always...Anyways my question is I want to get more information on growing chilli peppers hydroponically....Can you point me to the right direction...thanks

I presently grow tomatoes commercially hydroponically. I want to expand into peppers and cucumbers. Does anyone have any information on growing these crops on a large commercial basis, or any suggestions on alternative crops which have proven to be lucrative. We mainly wholesale to stores in our area and would like to enlarge our product line. I can be reached by e-mail at THANKS!!

I have been growing a certain plant now for a number of years. I have been using soil i have had success i have become quite good at what i do. However I live in the UK and this particular plant is frowned upon by some (lets call them uneducated) people. I have decided to start growing hydroponically as people i talk to tell me i would get a better crop. Obviously i have also been reading all about hydroponics from a number of places. I have to say this site is definitely one of the better sites i have visited you explain in very good detail how things should be done. When i set up, this site will be visited over and over until i get it right..... keep up the good work......KENNY SWANSEA WALES UK

how many plants can i grow in an 8X8 green house, using the pvc piping?? steve

Depends on if you are a beginner or if you have any experience growing at all. So when you start out you won't grow much at all until your experience grows. So it will depend on how good you get at growing hydroponically to determine how many plants you can grow in that space. Ah! Hell about 50 plants.

ATTN: John White

Are you saying that growing in potting soil is better than growing hydroponically????

Umm... I'm thinking about growing plants hydroponically as a science project for school and I've been researching it for awhile but i'm still not sure what plant would be best/easiest to grow. I only have until may-ish to grow them, and I'd like to do it as simply as possible so any suggestions would be really nice... thank you!!

Has anyone been able to raise bulbs such as daffodils, crocus or hyacinth hydroponically. Thank you

can a plant grown hydroponically have to much hydroponic nutrients and if so what damaging affects could it have on the plant besides dying ?

can a plant grown hydroponically have to much nutrients and if so what damaging affects could it have on the plant besides dying ?

Hello everyone! I am an undergraduate student, at the moment I am conducting my research experiment for my thesis entitled "Effect of Different Fertilizer Formulations On Growth And Yield Of Modified Hydroponically Grown Bell Pepper" . I would be very grateful to have your comments on my title: . My email address is:

I need to know the basics of hydroponically growing plants.

Start with page 1

I am a 11th grader in high school and I am considering doing a science project on the success of different nutrient solutions on hydroponically grown plants. is this at all possible? how much would it cost to set up a functioning hydroponic system?

Yeah man, cool site! Couple buddies told me about it. Dude, Ive learned so much.

I was wanting to know when growing hydroponically (in this case a few plants of skunk bud) in the 2 liter 9 plant setup that I learned to build off of this site!!!!, what should the PPM range be from when you put the sprouts into the grow rocks through the vegetive stage,flowering stage and finally maturity????

Please let me know Ron because Im a first time hydro grower and I dont want it to be a nightmare. Thanks, choke420!

You talk just like a police officer would talk if he was gathering information to use to close this web site down. 
Try again.

Hi, I bought the 11 plant garden last year and have been happy with the results. I can't find any online info on growing st john's wort hydroponically. I was wondering if anyone could share anything. Email address is Thanks in advance.

Hello -- I just want to mention that Art Smith from Alabama Hydroponics ( is kind enough to host Tomato Challenge 2002. The basic objective is to grow tomatoes hydroponically and you can use any system to achieve that objective. In case you are curious about the rules, please visit his website and learn about them. As a matter of fact, that site should be viewed as an excellent place to get feedback from other tomato growers. I had a lot of fun with Tomato Challenge 2001 last year and met some really cool people on the internet. hydroponically. Hope to see you all at the contest. Happy Growing, Wayne

i am interested in starting to grow strawberries hydroponically, is it difficult ? how long approx till they are ready to eat using a 430w hps grow light indoors?? Jr

have you tried growing star fruit plants hydroponically and was it successful

If they aren't to woody of a plant like roses or a dry plant like cactuses just about any plant can be grown in hydroponic systems. 

what nutrient solution should I use if i am growing chile peppers hydroponically?

The kind I sell.  You use 1 teaspoon of hydro 10-8-22 mix and 1/4 teaspoon of epson salt for vegetables.

Hi folks, here are a few real good tips I would like to share with you. most common Problems

These are the most common problems people encounter growing hydroponically:

Yellowing bottom leaves/older growth

The Nitrogen story:

Nitrogen is a transferable element (this means the plant can move it around as needed). If a plant is not receiving enough Nitrogen from the roots then it will rob Nitrogen from the older growth. In Hydroponics, usually the pH is too high and has locked out the available Nitrogen. Always check the pH before increasing nutrient level.

Save the plant: Leach! Check the pH, and adjust if necessary to 5.8 - 6.3. Check and maintain nutrient level. You may foliar feed (spray) with a pinch of CaNO3 (Calcium Nitrate) in a Litre of pH balanced water for quick results.

Leaf tips curl up

This is usually a Magnesium deficiency caused by a too low pH level.

Save the plant: Leach, check and adjust the pH level. You also may foliar feed (spray) with a pinch of MgSO4 (Magnesium Sulphate) in a Litre of pH balanced water for quick results.

Leaf tips curl under / leaf tip burn (browning)

The Nutrient level is too high.

Save the plant: Leach and decrease the nutrient level.


Leaching should be done at every reservoir change and before countering any problem. This will rid the medium and root zone of toxic salt build up.

To leach, rinse the root zone with straight pH balanced water.

Use twice as much liquid as the hydroponic container would have held when empty.

I hope this info helps some one out there and thanks for all the info I have gotten from you all. Montana Mogy P.S. Ron I love the old bus.

dear ron,
i need you opinion on this observation ...
i got two test specimen of pokchoy. one hydroponically grown and one soil grown.

(1) there are less veins in the leaves of hydroponically grown pokchoy. these veins are suppose to be the system in the leaf that brings food to the various part of the leaves;

(2) i place a cut soil grown pok choy leaf and a pok choy hydroponically grown side by side for 2 hours. after that time, i noticed that the hydroponically grown pokchoy wilted faster than the soil grown.

possible causes:

a. i suspect calcium deficiency bec. my Ca content is less than 100ppm while it is suggested that it should be at least 200ppm;

b. water retention in my hydroponically grown veggie is low maybe because of the cell wall is less stronger than that of the soil grown specimen. Remember, Calcium help build cell walls.

c. hydroponically grown veggies are use to more water than soil grown, therefore, once its harvested, it wilt faster (my guess).

your expert opinion on this scebario is be greatly appreciated.


I'm experimenting with hydroponically grown strawberries and wanted to know if you know of any other similar experiments I could research *Aly*

I am going to be try to plant bulbs in a hydroponic solution. Do you think bulbs will grow hydroponically?


I am new to growing hydroponically, although I have read a ton on the subject. My question is: which system is the best and can you give me a breakdown on them all and the pros and cons for all? I mean NFT,DRIP AND ALL. I plan on starting out with like 20 plants! I would appreciate the help. jay email:

what exactly is a bullet pipe with a vile on it and how exactly do you intend to grow plants hydroponically using this device??

Just like hanging up on some a-hole. poof he's gone.

Dear Ron

I read that legumes e.g.. snap beans need soil bacteria to take in nitrogen. Can I grow snap beans hydroponically?


What all can you grow hydroponically?

What all can you grow hydroponically?

I have seen people instead in Miracle Grow and Dyna Gro products time and time again. Growing either in a soilliess mix or hydroponically requires a very well researched fertilizer solution that is proper for that environment. Dyna Gro levels of mineral makeup are off balanced. Europonic Nutrients or Ionic seem to be the elite outstanding products. Also Bcuzz stimulators has popped up in a lot of growing magazines. Keep you eyes out for more. Tell me what yal think!

- Educated Hydroponic Grower -

are watermelons good to grow hydroponically?

Yes because they are a water loving plant.

I have never grown hydroponically. I want to grow tomatoes in winter also Hot hydroponic peppers. I know from reading through your forum determinate is the only way to go. I have 8ft. ceiling is that ok for 2 pepper and 2 tomatoes using the ebb and flow you designed at 18inches apart from center.


Dear Ron I am a hydroponics enthusiast growing leafy and fruit vegetables. Lately I have been concerned about reports that hydroponically grown vegetables may have a high nitrate content. High nitrates in food have been implicated in gastric carcinoma (cancer).I use a universal nutrient formula containing approx.190ppm nitrogen (supplied by Calcium nitrate and KNO3;no ammonium compounds). I wonder if you or anyone has any information confirming or refuting the theory/any other solutions to the problem. Thank you. Dr.Nagappan Penang,Malaysia

Hi, I am asking for a comparison between water requirement in hydroponically culture and soil culture. I want to find how much water will be saved in NFT or Ebb and flow systems (for tomato or cucumber for example) if I change my soil system to hydroponically system.

Thank you and best regards. Hamid

is there a specific type of hydroponics that is better than others? i am tryig to grow salvia divinorum hydroponically.

We are thinking of starting a system to grow tomatoes hydroponically here in Missouri. I dont know much about it yet. I would like to hear from anyone in my area that is doing this. Please respond to both addresses GoldeLock2 and Retread30 Thank you, Mary

Any work been done on the growing of wine grapes hydroponically? Would be very interested in comments and views.

Me too. Lake County is becoming quite a wine grape grower and I would like to show them a different way to grow them.

Re: Viticulture and Hydroponics Ron, Thanks for your comment "Me too". Nudge,nudge wink wink. I understand work has been done in Israel on the growing of table grapes interspersed with cash crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers. There are a number of upsides I have been told. Do you or any of your site Members have any experience or comments with respect to the growing of wine grapes hydroponically. Is it commercially viable?

John Storey

The only problem I see is that I just have not seen any woody plants like grape, roses, shrubs and just about every other kind of tree except banana trees grown hydroponically and I suspect they are really just big plants.   

I want to grow HOT peppers. I live in San Francisco. No luck outdoors - anyone here have luck growing peppers hydroponically? TIA

Just a quick comment on growing garlic hydroponically.

Don't do it! I tried, with much success, simply planted some cloves in some perlite and watered them with a simple nutrient. Under a 400 W Metal Halide light, the plants flourished.

Sounds good right?

What you may forget about it how STRONG garlic smells. The stems are easily as strong smelling as the cloves.

So if you don't mind stinking up your grow room. (Or maybe you'd like to cover up the smell of something else!) then go for it. I can tell you after about a month, I came home and my wife had went into the basement and pitched the whole lot! :)

So much for hydro-garlic!


I bet you didn't have a vampire problem.

Greetings Ron, I have studied and built hydroponic and aquaculture farms for others and finally built a greenhouse of my own. Climate controlled, drip irrigated, 3000sq foot beauty all for under 10K...remind you of you? (inexpensive ingenuity) My question for you is this...I've been recently studying about Wasabi. I know that it has been done succesfully hydroponically in New Zealand. Do you have any info on this plant that might be helpful to me? I have found a source for the plant but I would have to transplant it from soil. If any other small hydro farms wish to comment pleast reply to I would love to hear from you.

Sincerely, Steve

What kind of a plant is a Wasabi. Do you look at it, eat it, or smoke it.

RE: growing legal tobacco
Ask any of my relatives in Kentucky, or any of the farmers in Tennessee. (* smile *)
Yes, there is no law against growing tobacco.
There are even ornamental tobacco plants (nicotina, I beleive).
I was talking to a friend who is a tobacco farmer, and he even grows the starts for the plants, you guessed it!, hydroponicly/hydroponically (whichever is correctly spelled!)
Take it easy.

Signed, --HillJack--

re: confused about 11plant13html

its a bad drawing. there is only one over flow pipe which in the picture is crossing blue water with the horizontal feeder pipe- it should be broken in diagram cause it does not reconnect with the feeder pipe. the feeder pipe should also be broken at its end to show that it could extend to other bottles.

i think im going to make something similar without the cut off two liter bottle. in its place could go a plastic sack (filled with 10 liters perlite) supported by a thin wire upside down lampshade type thing and sealed around a tube extending from the tee with a rubber band. a screen would have to be stuck in the extension tube and pea gravel laid on top of perlite. What can you grow in a cut off two liter bottle? a head of lettuce?

Yes Lettuce and Tomatoes and Greens and Herbs all grown not in a two-liter bottles but in a 16 ounce cups sitting in a cut off two liter bottle. Hydroponic plants don't need a lot of roots when you are delivering all the nutrients to the plant. Hydroponically grown plants don't need a lot of roots unlike with dirt growing where the roots have to go looking for water and food. You want all the energy  for producing fruit and not for root production. Unless you are growing potatoes or carets.  

Hello everyone, My name is George Olayres from Philippines. Please comment on my thesis title "Effect of Different Nutrient Solutions On Growth And Yield Performance Of Hydroponically-Grown Bell Pepper". I am planning to use 100% sand as the growing media and commercially available inorganic fertilizer as my alternative source of 'Nutrient Solutions'

I am looking for ammonium sulphate, calcium super phosphate(treble super phosphate), pottasium sulphate, magnesium sulphate(epsum salts) for growing tomatoes hydroponically. Has anyone done something similar? Do you know what places carry these? Please email



What are the importance of growing plants hydroponically? please put better and more accurate pictures on your website

Please send me some money for a better camera.  

Hi. Elvis here. Just to thank you for all the information you sent me on hydroponic growers. Geez I never expected hydroponically grown pickles & suchlike to become popular. Please dont tell the feds im still alive as I noticed you had sent an "enc" of your hydroponic growers to the FBI. Regards Elvis "Hydro" Presley

I don't think you are growing pickles.

can potatoes be grown hydroponically? If so what would be a good system?

I did grow a small red potato in grow rocks years ago. Tune in to the HydroRon Live Show this fall. 
I will be building a potato growing system and other systems live online and take questions live from members.

You said that strawberries grown hydroponically need 16-18 hours of light each day. Where did you get that info?

Just where did I say that. The only strawberries that I am growing are under natural light. These strawberry plants are over a year old.

Yep - I grow vast amounts of cucumbers, i have 2 massive parsley plants, grew eggplants last season, and have grown baby carrots and spring onions in vermiculite. It's no economically viable to grow rice hydroponically, so i haven't bothered trying.

anyone had luck growing fruit hydroponically? Like kiwi fruit

I haven't had much luck with tree type fruit except banana trees.

some of the leaves of my hydroponically grown carnatioms go white then die. why?

don't no

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