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Can I make my own hydroponic nutrient solution?

Anyone looking to try out an Organic Hydroponic nutrient should check out the MetaNaturals line of nutrients. I`m trying them out myself - working very well too I might add. Trick thing about this stuff is that you don`t have to adjust ph once it`s in your system and the microbes are working. It takes care of itself. I thought they were pulling my chain on this one, but it does work. If it sounds interesting, they have quite a bit of info on their site. Check it out - Mike

Ron, Just signed on tonite . A comment about starting on a tight budget. I bought plastic shoe grow boxes w/tops @ Savon Drug store for a $1.00 a piece. Very carefully Drilled holes in the ends w/ 5/8" wooden doles for plugs. Started seeds from K-Mart Burpee. Experimenting w/ sand, Vermeculite,perlite potting soil. Tomatoes in the Nutrient of 9-4-15, are doing very well, laying the roots flat,compared to potting soil, parsley very slow from seed, cilantro,cucumbers, & sunflowers the same. My 1st year. Hydroponic Nutrient was ordered from HollistersHydroponics out of Irvine,Ca my home ter- ritory. Jim

i have a question about hydroponic nutrient solutions i saw one that's called phat hydro from canada, it seems like the nutrient levels are kinda low it's a two part veg a and veg b, a is (1.5-0-2.6) and b is (.5-.5-5.0). then the bloom is a (2-0-2)and b (1-.6-2) what is the best n-p-k for veg and what is best for budding? great site by the way

I wouldn't worry to much about the formula as long as it says that it's for hydroponics on the bag or bottle. The important thing is feeding your plants the right amount at the right time. (the PPM) 

To whom it may concern: I'm a freshman science student in high school doing a science project on growing hydroponic tomatoes. Is there a decent hydroponic nutrient solution on the market that's already mixed and ready to go? If so, what is it and where can I get some fast? AuntHC

heres a cheap and easy to build and maintain system that can built for around 20,30$ or so materials required: (1)rubbermaid type container (10 to 20 gallon) (2)16oz. minimum to (whatever)24-32ounce solo brand (solo more durable than dixie brand)plastic cups. with holes either melted with wood burning tool or cut with razor knife or similar implement. (3)gro-rocks or lava rock 1/4" to 1/2"approximate size (4)aquarium style air pump with hose and air stone(s) (5)aquarium ph test kit and a 1 part hydroponic nutrient (aquaculture hydroponics in az. and eco hydroponics in washington state make good inexpensive products)2 and 3 part may be used but get costly to use year round.liquid sea kelp 4oz. liquid measure per ten gallons water can be used as micro nutrient supplement/growth stimulant if desired. trace cup lip onto lid of container then trace a magic marker line inside that line so solo cup will be suspended in hole. carefully cut out with a razor knife.2 holes about 6" from handles works well for tomaters or pepper plants 6 or 8 works for leaf lettuce. fill container almost full,add 1/2 strength nutrient for sprouts to seedling stage,adjust ph to 6 to6.8 range ,add bubbler to nutrient tank add cups so nutrient is approx 1/2 to 3/4 covering cups kick back and watch em off tank with water as needed.more nutrient may be added as plants mature to bring up to full strength. thats all for now,happy growing! dudley groright says grow your own vegies, they just taste better.

a cheap and easy way to start seeds is to take a 1 or 2oz plastic bathroom cup(the kind u use to put mouth wash in), put a hole in the bottom, shread sum newspaper, wet it, put in the cup, drop in a couple of seeds, add a thin layer of shreaded newspaper on top and water everyday with a diluted hydroponic nutrient solution(maybe 1/4 tsp per gallon), put in a tray in warm place that gets sum sun or under a grow light...hope someone can use this,


im a little confused about the chemicals you put in the water. Do they come in jugs, if so where can i get them and how much do i put in?, and what type

The more expensive hydroponic solutions come in bottles and can be ordered online from a number of links on this web site. Or if you are on a budget and can wait a week I will be selling 5 lb. boxes of hydroponic nutrient solution cheap.  

Have you ever tried mixing the miracle grow recipe with a commercial hydroponic nutrient? Maybe even alternating between the two when topping off. Never seen it discussed but seems to me this would save money while insuring the necessary nutrients are supplied. I have just started mixing half & half and am wondering if this is going to cause some kind of trouble later.

I wish I knew. Let us know if it works.

Can I make my own hydroponic nutrient solution?

Yes if you are a chemist.

Ron or anyone else - Since I had so many tomatoes that germinated a while back, I put one tomato to float in a small container of hydroponic nutrient solution with an air stone. It grew like crazy, and I transferred it into a 5 gallon bucket, again floating in solution with two air stones, and it quickly grew 7 immature tomatoes. I woke up one morning and all the leaves on the plant were completely wilted. It pretty much died that day. The plant (roots) have never touched soil, so it can't be a soil borne disease. Only thing I can think of is that the bucket sits on my cement patio, and the solution became too hot. Any ideas on what went wrong? I have two other aqaufarm type drip systems I built that are doing great, and another tomato floating that's small but doing great so far. Thanks, Tim

Sounds like a bad case of damping off. One of the reasons for damping off is to much watering and I would say your system qualifies.  

Hello Ron, Thank you to post hydroponic nutrient solution compositions on date 19 feb 2000. Would you check page1 and page 2 ..are they the same ? Would you please re-post page2 ? Bangkok

Sorry. Good harvest this month. Page 2 (40 KB)

Hi Ron, Thanks for a wonderful site. I got a lot of really useful, relevant info from it. I'm setting up a 20 plant veggie experiment in 2 liter soda bottles in part of a 9' X 12' greenhouse. The greenhouse has mist nozzles and 2 hydroponic exhaust fans that are thermostatically controlled to keep the temp around 85 deg. I'm in Northern CA and it does get hot here. I have a question about a plant food that we've been using here at home for house plants called Eleanor's VF-11. It's a concentrate that's used for both foliar and root feeding. It dilutes out to 1 oz./gal. Recently, I've recently heard several radio ads for using it for hydroponics. The analysis on the bottle of concentrate says: N 0.15%, Available Phosphoric acid,0.85%, K2O 0.55%. I was wondering if you have ever used it, heard about it or know anything about it's value as a hydroponic nutrient for veggies. I care to experiment with tomatoes, bibb lettuce, cucumbers, chives, eggplant, etc. but I do want to have some success for starters. I plan to get a TDS meter and a ph meter and run my pump for 5 min every 20 min. I'm also planning on using Gro-Rocks for the medium. Any thoughts, comments, or ideas from you would be greatly appreciated. I am a semi retired Electromechanical Engineer with a well equipped machine shop and electronic room so making controls, timers, gadgetry for this project is a snap. In a few days I'll have pics/info available for easily attaching/removing the bottles. I worked out a method that looks great now, but I need to be sure about it after I get up and running. Thanks again, Marvin PS I spoke with Eleanor today and she refered me to her website There's a testimonial letter on it from a guy she says is a real expert in hydroponic culture who's been using VF-11 for years. I've been unable to reach him today, but I'll keep trying. He's in Vallejo, CA, not too far from me. I will take a ride up to see him after I speak with him by phone. I'll keep you posted.

i need to know how to/when to feed my homemade hydroponic system

I'm having trouble finding calcium choride, is there any chemical than can replace calcium chloride in a nutrient solution? Or do you have any suggestions on where to find it. None of the places around here sell it or hydroponic nutrient solution.

I order everything I need on the internet. Me and the UPS driver is on a first name bases.

bulletV-J Growers Supply 800 222-4503

could u cut holes in the bottom of a bin and then put your plants in with perlite, rockwool, growrocks etc. in hydroponic pots and just flood it with a nutrient solution and then it would be ebb and flow

Yes it would. It is as simple as that. Rubbermaid containers, a submersible pump, grow medium, hydroponic nutrient solution and you got yourself a hydroponic garden. 

I'm trying to build the 11 plant garden for students at a high school. Can you give me any more instruction on how to?

Click here.

 How is the piping attached to the bin,

It just sits on top.

 what kind of pump is in it,

60 to 120 GPH submersible pump can be used.

 and how do you attach the pump?

With a 1/2 inch rubber hose that connects to a 1" PVC tee with a 1/2" connector on the garden.

Another question: what is a very simple nutrient solution we can use for our first system at a high school.

No such thing as a simple hydroponic nutrient mix but check here for members ideas.

 This is all new for me and the students. Please help us.

You need calcium nitrate and magnesium sulfate added to standard fertilizer like Miracle-Gro for tomatoes. Or real hydroponic nutrient solution if you are are serious grower.

Hi I would like to grow some hydro. I am planning to use the 11 plant garden. Anyone with tips for a successful batch would greatly be appreciated. I plan to germinate them by leaving them in a wet towel for a day or two and then putting them in.

What kind of nutrients should I use to get a potent crop?

Any concentrated hydroponic nutrient solution will work.

I am growing them indoors so can you tell me what type of grow lighting I should use as well? I know the lights can get pricey, what is the price range usually at, and how much does it cost to operate them, because I heard that in the early stages the lights should be on 24hrs a day.

About 60 dollars per 1000 W room per month. That includes vents, fans, pump and light.

How long does it take before, I can enjoy the fruits of my labor?

About 6 months from germinating the seeds, sexing the plants (male & female), Cloning mother plants, 6 weeks veg. stage, and 8 weeks bud stage. Enjoy. 

Thank you in advance for any help that can be offered. I would like to also say this is a wonderful site. Hydroponics is very cool!

novice KB (kiler bud)

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