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What hydroponic nutrients should I use?

Hi, I was wondering if you had a good recipe for hydroponic nutrients, I live in an area that is far from modern civilization but I have access to just about any kind of manure you can think of, even elephant. but I'm nowhere close to any grow shops and having them shipped is out of the question. I sure would appreciate any help, thanx, Tim

Hi Ron, About a week ago I built a 11 plant garden and when everything was going well. Until a couple days ago. I bought a timer from Wal-mart that is set up to water for 15 min on and 45 min off it was only $9. Every hour. Is that too much water for small plant? 

No That sounds just right for small plants.

Also I can not find a place that sells hydroponic nutrients. Does Wal-mart sell it or maybe  I just can not find it?

No they don't. You can find hydroponics nutrient solution on the web. Use your favorite search engine to find some.  

I tested the ph today and it was above 7. Is this the reason the leaves are a little brown or is it too much water?

Yes to high of pH.

 I have been using a nutrient that is made for soil because I can not find another one. Is that the reason why they are browning? 

Yes you are cooking them.

The ph was fine when I transplanted them to the hydroponic system, and five days later it was over 7. How often do you have to adjust the ph? 

As often as necessary.

and what changes the ph so fast? 

From using non-hydropnic nutrient solution.

I appreciate all the help you have given me, the site is very interesting. Thanks.

Can you please explain why salt is necessary in hydroponic nutrients, or is it just a byproduct?

I know it has to be flushed from your medium and system periodically so I would say it's a byproduct but I don't know what  I'm talking about.

I am new to hydro and having great success with my tomatoes, but my sweet peppers just grew tall, leaves turned up and spotty and die off. Fruit is very small , losts of blooms then nothing. Can anyone help. Thanks Sandy

I started seeds in peat pellets, and have the lil root tails appearing in 4 days. I want to transplant to rockwool 4x4 cubes. i read you should attempt to remove all peat pellet subtance. at what age/height should i move the plants to rockwool and begin the hydrogardening and how do i keep them upright w/out the peat pellet?

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