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How long does it take to grow a hydroponic plant?

What is the optimal Ph for growing tomato plants in a hydro system. Also what light

dear ron, i've just ordered your "hydroponic plant food" online my question is calcium nitrate still needed to make it complete or is it really a complete plant food to be added to water for plant feeding? otik

Yes It says just to add a little Epson Salt

i have heard of a idea of "hyper ventilating" please tell me if im just stupid and tired but is it true say if you enclose a hydroponic plant in a fish tank with the proper grow lights and fill the tank for say 6 hours with co2 and then 6 hours of oxygen that the plant "hyperventilates" and forces the plant to suck up a lot of nutrients and makes it grow "beefier" and faster. i heard this idea from a pretty much rocket scientist who majored in growing plants (hydroponically) who was able to grow a choice plant in a week to say 4 feet

sounds interesting. 

one more question im a beginner and have a lot of them but any way can i use ammonium nitrate and a solution of miracle grow as my mix for your 11 plant system? and if so how much ntrate should i use

Read answer above. It's calcium nitrate not ammonium nitrate. Teaspoon per gallon.

How does the temperature of the water in a hydroponic plant effect root growth?

I don't know

Anyone tell me what (which way) can household ammonia help a hydroponic plant? Please?!

hey ron... i went to my local hardware and garden shop and they didn't have hydroponic plant food so i bought an all purpose plant food that was 2-10-10, if i bought something to add more nitrogen to that would it be sufficient for growing tomatoes and (or) cotton?????

It might work if you add some calcium nitrate and some epsom salt to it. 

hey ron im using pea gravel as a medium with continuous watering during light operation. is this ok? also im using peter professional plant food 20-20-20 for my nutrient, please advise (tomato,pepper,assorted herbs)thanks t.j.o

No it ain't ok. They will start to die anytime now. Peter's does make hydroponic plant food but what you got their is for dirt. You can add some Magnesium Nitrate and some Epson salts to that and you might grow something but by using the most basic system you could use you would better off using real hydroponic plant food. 

how do i use a fish pump to use on a hydroponic plant system? --thanx:

I'm tring to do a science Fair project for school and I'm having trouble find the right nutrient to put in the water for my hydroponic plant's environment. I want to use something that you found around a house. I told my teacher I was going to use lime juice but I don't know what effect lime juice would have on the plant. My teacher says I have to have something that say Lime helps plant grow. CAN ANYONE HELP ME OUT E-mail me at

I'm a student and I am conducting an experiment. I was wondering; How do hydroponics systems work? How do you grow a hydroponic plant?

A submersible pump comes on and pumps nutrient enriched water to plant roots that are grown in a number of inert materials as expanded clay aggregate (grow rocks), spun volcanic rock (rockwool), perlite, pores gravel, lava rock, or as with some hydroponic systems, no medium at all.   

Steve: Go to Hydro Gardens and Parts. It is the third item down listed under Hydroponic Plant Food. Nurse Duckett

Hi! I'm looking for help with my 5th grade son's science fair project. He really wants to do a great job with a Hydroponic Plant. He wants to demonstrate how it grows differently in soil.

Which plants, how long will it take? Interesting facts?

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