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How should hydroponic seeds be started?

Hi Ron

ive been a long time viewer of your web site and enjoy it very much. Definitely the best hydro site on the web, congrats on your success with it. I have started up a system for tomatoes and wanted to know if you could tell me what variety of toms you have the best luck with and if they are indeterminate or determinate.

Thanx alot Scott

I use what ever they are selling at my local nursery. Big Boy, Better Boy, Heat Wave, Roma. But I am partial to Super Bush a stocky patio type that only grows about four feet by maturity. And they can be grown in the 2-liter systems or the gallon drip systems.
I am sure if I ordered the expressive real hydroponic seeds I would get higher yields but first I got to finish my greenhouse as soon as this cold weather is over. We have had more freezes this year than in the last 5 years. 

Hi Ron I just built your 11 plant system I have 3 question 1. How do you set up the seeds in the 2 liter bottles which 2 books that I have bought on hydroponics have not answered the seeds I want to grow is pot 

Start your seeds in vermiculite or dirt first and when they get a good root system then carefully wash off the roots and place them in your garden. 

2. And for the pump do you need a timer or do you leave it on all the time 

Yes you need a timer to water every hour or so.

3. What is a good ready made nutrient to use I don't want to mix it for pot

As long as it is formulated for hydroponics any of the popular brands are ok if you fallow the mixing instructions.

Sorry for all the stupid questions but I am having a hard time finding the answers from the 2 books that I own on the subject

Thanks DC

Who makes the best lights and why?

just found this site- there is a god- where or what is best information on small (very small)indoor growing for #1 cash crop ie. step by step info start to finish? any suggestions

Read ever page on this web site from start to finish.

hey ron i asked the question with 400 hps, the tops of the leaves have been turning a gold color and dying, I went to change the hydroponic nutrient solution (it was about 3 weeks old) and i know i had about 7 gallons in there, when i drained it i only had 3 because of evaporation but do the nutrients evaporate too? if not could i have an overdose of nitrogen problem? or do you think it's just the heat from the light? I have i thermometer in there, and it's been getting about 90 degrees alot more than the 72 you suggest dim. im thinking of taking the solution out, and running plain water for a couple of days? good idea? thanks ron

90 degrees is to hot and until you get that into the 70's range everything else you do is pointless. 
Because it's so hot in your room your plants absorbed most of that solution to stay alive so I don't think it was from  evaporation.
I found out years ago that every grow room that I built for clients I had to add an air-conditioner to control heat. Something most grow stores don't ever mention when they sell you all that expensive hydro equipment. 
As for your nutrient strength and evaporation question I will have to check my books and get back to you.
It is always a good idea to flush your system periodically to remove fertilizing salts. 

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