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Where are some good hydroponic supply stores?

What is the best way to control the water's Ph in a 11 plant system.


pH up or down from any hydroponic supply source. 

Re: Calcium Nitrate

Look in the yellow pages under "agriculture chemicals". I bought a 50 lb. bag of 15.5-0-0, just like the one Ron shows in the website. It cost me $15.00. With the sales tax, it came to $16.25.


I'm new and have never done hydroponics. I'm thinking about buying a hydro garden to grow hot peppers with. How good do hot peppers grow this way and if I do get a garden do I need that rockwool stuff? Thanks!

if you glue the cup to bottle how do you clean the cup after a grow

About the 11 plant system. Do you have to make holes on the reservoir for the over flow pipe and pump line? How big and whats the best way to it? Thanks

Ron, just wanted to let ya know that your site rules! Ever since I found it I've been checking back all the time. I'm new to Hydro, and decided to try the Miracle grow mixture. I've read that some readers have had a hard time finding calcium chloride, but you can get the stuff just about anywhere, I bought mine at Walgreen's, its the salt to melt your driveways with. A lot cheaper too, Aquatico is selling 4 pounds of it for $7.90, I bought 9.5 lbs for $6.99! Made by Prestone, and they says its safe for plants too. They don't list any other ingredients except for CaCl, so I hope there aren't any unlisted stuff in there. I don't think there will be though. Maybe I will email them and find out for sure b4 using it. Hope this helps some of your visitors. Mark

I'm worried about running out of vertical space. In order to keep as much growing space as possible, what is the smallest reservoir I could use?
Josh Hermanson

the deference between a grow light & a security light is the transformer of gases some nasty fumes because its made to run out doors if you can stand the smell they will work its kinda like you get what you pay for better off with a grow light or a green house

I want to now about hydroponic grass for beef cattle, where I can read about this (in spanish please) Thanks, Martin

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