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Where can I buy hydroponic tomatoes?

Hi Ron I have grown Hydroponic Tomatoes going on three years now, I just ran into your web site. Maybe you can help me with a question I have? Would there be a quick way to take Chlorine out of my 75gal. tanks of water before adding my tomato formula. I know I could let it sit for 24 hours and that helps. But I was thinking maybe something quicker. I ask this too hopfully better my formula for the plants. I do have a page to see what I have been doing if you cut and paste Thank you

I here those reverse osmosis filters are cost effective.

hi there, I am very new to this and have a question, I am an architectural student and am designing a building which houses hydroponic tomatoes. I just want to know what the minimum height at which I can build my greenhouse would be or is that a how long is a piece of string question? is it really just case of how many tomatoes I want to grow will depend on the size of greenhouse??

thanks: euan

It depends on the type of tomato plants you grow. Some tomato plants can grow up to twelve ft. high. 

We are commercial growers of hydroponic tomatoes. We grow them under plastic. We are thinking of adding some HID lights to supplement the limited sunlight we get in New England during the winter. Does anyone have any advice or experiences in terms of types of lights to get; metal halide sodium, agrosun, etc., height from plant, length of time to leave lights on, differences in yield, ir cooled v. water cooled, etc? Thanks. Mike

Hello Ron , l am currently studing year 12 VCE food technology and are featuring a topic of our studies on food and technological development. l am focusing my main topic on the hydroponic farming of tomatoes. l was wondering whether you could help guide me in the right direction and answer some of these simply questions The advantages of the hydroponic tomatoes over other similar traditional products? The growing, which enabled the prodcut of hydroponic tomatoes to be developed? And whether you have any significant points about hydroponic tomatoes? Or a diagram on how hydroponics works? Any of this help would be greatly helpful to help for my furture studies. And whether you have any other websites that focus on hydroponic tomatoes Hope to hear from you soon and thankyou for your help Thankyou

Ron how much Ph should be in the water for tomatoes? Also how often do I fertilize? Your input would be great. And no I'm not completely stupid I'm just a highschool student in an Ag class with an IDIOT for a teacher. Thnaks a bunch!

To whom it may concern: I'm a freshman science student in high school doing a science project on growing hydroponic tomatoes. Is there a decent hydroponic nutrient solution on the market that's already mixed and ready to go? If so, what is it and where can I get some fast? AuntHC

Jeez Ron, I've used transplanted nursery plants from Home Depot in my garden. The plants are just now recovering from the transplanting shock and are now setting blossoms. The plants are only about 1/4 inch in diameter main stem diameter, and about 2-3 inches tall. I don't think they are strong enough to support fruit yet.

Am I just being to used to planting things in the ground, or is this a phenome thing that I've never experienced.?

What is your experience in seemingly premature blossoming?

I have always had to tie up my hydroponic tomatoes and other heavy fruit plants so I wouldn't worry how big or the age of  the plant as long as it produces healthy fruit.

hi, i'm doing a research project for school, and i am trying to find out how varying the amount of nitrogen or level of pH can effect hydroponic tomatoes. any suggestions? thanks, crystal

Ron. I am an experienced (Canadian) grower of hydroponic tomatoes. I am interested in locating a supplier for panda film grow tubes (1000 ft /roll works great for me, as it does about one house at a time). Any suggestions for suppliers? (by the way it has been almost -30c for the last week or two. Any chance someone wants to swap heating bills?

Are these tube lights your are referring to fusion lights. I am very interested in finding a supplier for fusion lights.

How do I keep my hydroponic tomatoes healthy after I plant them?

Feed them the correct nutrients, Keep them at the correct temperature, adjust the pH every day, protect them from predators and play heavy metal music at the highest volume you can turn your stereo to. They like that.

hi RON. My 11 plant system !!!works!!! I have 5 tomato plants and left one of the same age planted on plain soil. The growth difference has been dramatic, but lately my hydroponic tomatoes have a white powder like in the stem at the base where come from the growrocks. Is this salt? or maybe fungi? What could cause the problem? Even if my plants die I wouldn't call it a failure. I plan to keep trying. thanks for the help CARLOS AT PLANTATION

Yes that is fertilizer salts residue. Nothing to worry about. You can flush with clean water every couple weeks to get rid of salts buildup and any mold that will inevitable be present.   

Hello All,
I live in the Midwest and was considering converting my spare bedroom into a room devoted mainly for growing hydroponic tomatoes. The room measures about 12'x10' and is made from wood and plaster. Can someone point me in the right direction please?

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