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Can hydroponic systems be controlled with a computer?

I am desperately in search for a good source (be it internet/book) on algae control in hydroponic systems. Any or all information/sources you may know of would be much appreciated. This is for a college report, so if you have no answers please don't fake it Thank you kindly for your time. Josh

Does anyone know anything about a volmatic valve system? It is widely used by the Danish people for their ebb and flow hydroponic systems. I am curious as to how it works. Does it have the same function as the American drain/fill and overflow fittings? If so, what are the advantages of using a volmatic valve system? Whatever info you share with us is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

How does one grow bog plants or emergent nymphaes ( lotuses, iris) using hydroponic systems ? Radha Krishna

Hey folks, came across a great link for a TDS tester. It is a cheap one, and I don't know the quality, but it is like half the price as any others I have seen. Ron, or anybody else, let me know if this is a great deal. I really appreciate this site.....I now have built three hydroponic systems, and a greenhouse to put them in. It is a great hobby.


I was wondering how long should veging take for hydroponic systems. To make myself clear it's grown on 6 by 8 tables with water pump up and then drains down. If possible can I skip the veging stage and start blomming.

Dear sir/lady Thank you for your attention to training hydroponic systems. My name is Majid Kazemnezhad. a 28 years old man. I am not graduated of agriculture university. But I love nature specially fast hydroponic systems , because it dosen't not need big places. Please send to me : 1- How can I study lessens about it in my own home. 2- Address of books, magazines, cd's, training films and etc. 3- Do you know any producer or your member in Iran or Turkey. How about the other countries... 4- As I am interested in establishing an institute in order to produce crops and ... which services you give to your members like me. E_mail: Thank you.

have you tried growing star fruit plants hydroponically and was it successful

If they aren't to woody of a plant like roses or a dry plant like cactuses just about any plant can be grown in hydroponic systems. 

I'm a student and I am conducting an experiment. I was wondering; How do hydroponics work? How do you grow a hydroponic plant?

A submersible pump comes on and pumps nutrient enriched water to plant roots that are grown in a number of inert materials as expanded clay aggregate (grow rocks), spun volcanic rock (rockwool), perlite, pores gravel, lava rock, or as with some hydroponic systems, no medium at all.   

You told me to mix my used rockwool in the compost pile. COMPOST? Do you actually grow anything in the ground anymore? Does the rockwool make your compost a nice consistency, how does it help composting.
New2Hydro Holly

Just consistency and oxygenation.
Just about all the plants I have planted in my yard came from my hydroponic systems when they got to large. That's why I love it here in Florida because you can grow plants all year round.

Does anyone know of any hydroponic systems suitable for growing herbs and a range of vegetables in a window box type structure? (I live in an apartment which only has a small balcony.) The system would need to be suitable for 'outside use' as it would be exposed to the elements. Thanks, Jim

Hello Ron -- do you have a "minature greenhouse" plan for our perusal?? The one you built for your hydroponic systems is perfect for our needs since we have limited space and at the sametime, want a roof for our system. There are a couple of minature greenhouse snapshots in your picture index, using pvc pipes (for frame) and clear fibergalss/plastic (for roof). It would be greatly appreciated if you share the plan with us. Thanks, Wayne

Hello Ron -- please comment on the potential of using pvc gray pipes (plastic electrical conduit pipes) for 2-liter hydroponic systems. Those pipes are UV-protected, but I am wondering if they are safe compared to Schedule 40 pvc pipes. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks, Wayne


My son is going to start on a hydroponic project in his ag class at school. We live in Central NC. Is there anyone else close by that has some hydroponic systems setup that we could come look at? I did notice on the members garden area, that there is someone in VA.
Write to Ray at

Anyone using computer control for their hydroponic systems? I'm in the process of building a system which will be controlled by an Applied Digital programmable controller. The control program will be written on a PC using their Windows based software. I will be controlling such things as pumps, fans, lamp heat exhaust. System will also monitor temperature, humidity, and tank liquid levels and sound alarms when things are not going right. Anybody out there using control technology on their hydroponic systems? I would be interested in hearing about your application.


I have the capability to computerize my hydro systems if I had the time by using X-10 technology. I have the hole house system that can control everything if I ever take the time. It works though your electrical system in your house. Very inexpensive. or  

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