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What are some good hydroponic plants?

i am doing a project on the effect of ph levels of water on the growth of hydroponic plants and i need help...e-mail me at thanx-melissa

Dear Hydroponics Experts, I need help for my 9th grade biology project. This project is planned to be on the effect of pH levels on the growth of hydroponic plants. I am a 9th grader at South Lakes High School in Reston, Virginia which is in Fairfax County. From most of my research so far I have been able to see what some of the effects may end up to be, but I still need a lot more information for my 9th grade bio-project to be a success. If you have any ideas or further information, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

dear ron,

wonder if you can help me out with this hydroponic problem.

you see, i tried my hand on pokchoy (oriental brassica) and the result was below expectation.

first, the stalk is smaller than organically grown second, the pokchoy in hydroponics wilt faster than expected after harvest.

however, the leaf size is ok, very green and no holes. no leaf miner. the root length is nice. long enough with lots of rootlets along the side.

could my problem originated from sunlight. i place my hydroponic system in a east-west orientation with opaque plastic on top of it to prevent rain water getting into the system.

or could it be temperature. my temperature ranges from 24C to 32C (yes, tropical Philippines I am from)

regarding the water stress, is it normal with hydroponic plants ? is water stress the main reason why after harvest, it wilts faster than expected ?


Stanley Ho

I'm looking for ornamental hydroponic plants - apparently it is common in Europe and would like to find a vendor in the US, preferably in the Miami area...

I love hydroponic plants, they're my friends. :)

Would fish be able to grow in hydroponics solution? i have an idea for a very cool garden if you can lmk i am very curious.

No but some hydroponic plants will grow in fish water.

How can Hydroponic plants grow?


re: confused about 11plant13html

its a bad drawing. there is only one over flow pipe which in the picture is crossing blue water with the horizontal feeder pipe- it should be broken in diagram cause it does not reconnect with the feeder pipe. the feeder pipe should also be broken at its end to show that it could extend to other bottles.

i think im going to make something similar without the cut off two liter bottle. in its place could go a plastic sack (filled with 10 liters perlite) supported by a thin wire upside down lampshade type thing and sealed around a tube extending from the tee with a rubber band. a screen would have to be stuck in the extension tube and pea gravel laid on top of perlite. What can you grow in a cut off two liter bottle? a head of lettuce?

Yes Lettuce and Tomatoes and Greens and Herbs all grown not in a two-liter bottles but in a 16 ounce cups sitting in a cut off two liter bottle. Hydroponic plants don't need a lot of roots when you are delivering all the nutrients to the plant. Hydroponically grown plants don't need a lot of roots unlike with dirt growing where the roots have to go looking for water and food. You want all the energy  for producing fruit and not for root production. Unless you are growing potatoes or carets.  

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