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Do plants need a specific hydroponic solution?

What is the optimal Ph for growing tomato plants in a hydro system. Also what light

can i use miracle grow in water as a hydroponic solution?

If you add some calcium nitrate and epson salt to it you can.

what is the composition of hydroponic solution for cucumber? and in what page?


I am going to be try to plant bulbs in a hydroponic solution. Do you think bulbs will grow hydroponically?



I would think so.

how long does it take to grow a succesful carnation in hydroponic solution?

Just another quick question. When do I change my hydroponic solution to the flower mix? Should I do it at the same time as I change the lights to 12/12. Or should I wait a specified time? Please advise. Thanks, V_12(

Yes, No.

I was wondering if anyone knows how to make some sort of hydroponic solution yourself from stuff that is semi-easily accessible? If our society crumbles, it would be nice to have a hydroponic farm, but hard to buy the solution, you know?

I just priced calcium nitrate. It was 23 dollars a pound around here. Can anything be substituted for it? I will eventually go with a normal hydroponic solution.....this is just to get me by for a bit. Thanks,


Not that I know about.

I am going to be try to plant bulbs in a hydroponic solution. Do you think bulbs will grow hydroponically?


If your leaves are drooping perhaps you solution has a Na+(salt) build up. An increase in Na+ causes an increase in osmolarity of your hydroponic solution; thus the turgor pressure in plant cells decreases because H20 diffuses out of the cells and into the hypertonic solution solution. Your plant is now dehydrated. IN OTHER WORDS...Add more water to your solution. Also replentish your resevoir more often because plants make salts as they grow. Remember to record the results of your new concentrations.

Nurse Duckett

on Peter's Hydrosol

give me your email address and i will send you my own little computer program on what other mix to use just to make my hydroponic solution

yes, peters hydrosol is not enough to make your plant grow well, need to put in more stuff in it


Ok I've read all the letters to date [anybody else with a question should do the same, the repetition is mind numbing]
so a few questions?

When you gave your miracle gro formula you gave a mixture for seedling, and for mature; but then you gave ppm for 3 stages of veg + flowering. Is the first just a shorthand for those mixing there own without an expensive meter for PPM or shouldn't the mixture change with the 3 stages of veg + flowering?

So I know it's not Calcium Chloride it's Calcium Nitrate. I have a book Beginning Hydroponics by Richard E. Nicholls 1977, that suggests Calcium Sulphate which is what gypsum and Plaster of Paris are made of. Household item [plaster of paris] anyone know why I can't/shouldn't use it. It's very soluble does it precipitate out easily?

Just curious why is there never any discussions about NPK. Is it just understood that whatever formula you use these three are in over abundance?
P.S. The site is much better than a lame book from 1977!

The formula for seedling and mature plants is from a commercial mix of Fertilizer (Miracle-gro), Calcium Nitrate, and  Magnesium Sulfate.
The ppm discussions were in reference to liquid hydroponic solution formulated for hydro like General Hydroponics or Formula One.
 I am using the commercial mix with the tomato plants I am growing now.
Never heard the plaster of paris thing.

Hi ron, My name is Curt and i am doing a project for my science class. It is hydroponics. And i was wondering if it would be all right to use miracle grow as the hydroponic solution and if it is how much should i use?

Miracle Gro is ok for a short period of time before you have problems. Use at a low mix like 1/4 teaspoon per gallon of water and throw in a dash of Epson salt if you have it.

I have a few Q. I'm in the 6th grade and I'm doing a science fair project... I'm doing my project o hydroponics. My teacher told me to compare plants grown in soil and seeds grown in a hydroponics solution. I want to know if I could make a hydroponic solution at home and not spend any money. If I'm off track please email me at thaks jessica

Do hydroponic gardens need to be in a greenhouse or can they be outdoors (no overhead cover).
I can imagine that rainwater could get introduced into the hydroponic solution (via the plant sites) and weaken it. Do you see this as a possible problem? Have you heard of any possible solutions?
I plan to grow tomatoes in my backyard and need to know if I require an overhead cover.
Thaning You In Advance, Oscar

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