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Is anyone selling hydroponic lights?

Hey Ron i was wondering if you can make your own Hydroponic Lights and in the 11 plant System do you need to put pea gravel in the cups or just the Plant by itself P.S You have really inspired me to a new Hobby

Yes if you buy a ballast, a socket and a bulb. But then you have to wirer it all together. Home Depot has a 175 Watt HPS yard light for $50.00.
Crushed lava rock would be better than pea gravel and better yet grow rocks.

If i want to just grow 2 tomato plants in a hydroponic machine, what kind of stuff do i need? Including everything that you would need to grow...

high, i'm new here,and i have a question that may sound dubm.i've built the 11 plant garden and i'm looking to grow some buds! i need to know how long to have the pump come on and off for. i was thinking 15min. on and 15min. off. is that right? trying

My name is dave hiltz and I live in maine and I am new at hydroponics and would like to build the 11 plant garden and I wanted to know what the total parts list was less the seeds. Also how I go about starting the seeds, And the continued maintenance of the system? thank you dave. E-Mail;

craig, try at least once an hour & only long enough to wet the medium. i water every 30 min. i think you are starving your plants. once at midnight keeps everything wet even though photosynthesis cannot take place without light of some sort. george

Re: Pak Choy

There are many kinds of Pak Choy. Some are large like you see in any market, and some are classified as "baby" types. Some have tightly grouped leaves and some are spread out a little more. By and large, when small yellow flower buds appear, it's time to eat them, flower and all. We normally use them for stir frying, or in soup noodle dishes.


IF U READ THE PREVIOUS PAGES U WILL LEARN ALL YOUR ?????????????????????????????????'S

thanks to who ever had the idea about the web page, sorry about taking so long getting the plans out I lost me isp and just got back on line anyways i just make a page so every one can get the plans.

here is the address, the picture takes a while to load but then you can print it

then click on the link.

pretty soon I will start posting picts and get a message board, and of course a link to


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