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What's the best solution for hydroponic growth?

My group in class has to do a project comparing hydroponics and aeroponics. Can you please tell us what would be the cheapest and quickest way to grow mint with hydroponics?

Hello Ron, your site is very nice. I am in SC California w/ a small enclosed vented 3' 1/2'' by 2' 1/2'' by 5' tall room. What is the max light? I've heard 400, but am concerned with the heat... fire? Just want to produce not reduce. What are my options if any? Thanks, Todd.

That's kind of a small pace for a 400 W. I would use 250 W. unless your hood is vented also.

hi ron, can comments left on bulletin board be traced. thanks


Hey Folks I was wondering if anyone had used Styrofoam peanuts as a medium, and if it worked, I'm considering using them cuz they're the right price (free)

has anyone ever grown using co2 from a source of baking soda and vinegar is there any other methods to create co2 for a small sealed grow area. thank you

co2 Enrichment

I know this was asked of a small growing area, but if you have a greenhouse you can compost inside it to produce co2, or bring compost inside and put it on the floor of the grow area. A bale of hay will give off co2 also if you get it wet. It will also incinerate from the inside if you don't watch it. I have a compost bed to the right as I go in my GH door, I also have a 2 can bioreactor inside.

The co2 levels in my GH are sky high. the vent pipe also gives off heat for these cold georgia nights. Just sayin... Tom

what is the best, reliable PH and PPm meters?

I like the Dip Stick from New Zealand. . 

Greetings Ron, I have studied and built hydroponic and aquaculture farms for others and finally built a greenhouse of my own. Climate controlled, drip irrigated, 3000sq foot beauty all for under 10K...remind you of you? (inexpensive ingenuity) My question for you is this...I've been recently studying about Wasabi. I know that it has been done succesfully hydroponically in New Zealand. Do you have any info on this plant that might be helpful to me? I have found a source for the plant but I would have to transplant it from soil. If any other small hydro farms wish to comment pleast reply to I would love to hear from you.

Sincerely, Steve

What kind of a plant is a Wasabi. Do you look at it, eat it, or smoke it.

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