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Ideas for a good high pressure sodium light?

Where can I purchase a high pressure sodium light in the Yorkshire area?

Hi Ron. I have a question about color spectrums. Could you supplement a high pressure sodium light with some sort of blue shade to add a little bit of the blue part of the spectrum that it lacks?

how dangerous is it to run a 400w HPS light and pump

If the light was made for indoor growing then they are pretty safe. It's when you start using street lights and wiring your own then you might burn down your house.

why are my hydrangia,s not getting any flowers?

Hi, im very impressed of your work with bottles and pvc pipes, but how many pounds of tomatoes do you get for each plant a harvest ? , and how many harvest do you obtain a year crop ?. Im thinking like you, that the hydroponics crop could be a very good business for now and especial in my country (Venezuela) where every thing is becoming expensive and bad quality. Ibe happy if you answer me the question before, because is very important the fiel data in a system like yours.

from venezuela, please to meet you,



I had reached the same conclusion as you that converting the 2 liter system to drip might take care of the root clogging problem.

I am going to grow something in one of my 2 liter systems this fall to see what happens.

Bill S

I'd love those plans as well. I'd like to see their design. Thanks.


Dear Ron, I really appreciate your cause and your impact on the hydroponics community. Keep up the good work. How much electricity a average household would be able to use before it start razing uncle sam's eyebrows?? I have 2 1000 watt hps grow lights running at the flowering state and 500 watt dual light mh/hps for the vegatative state and four 4' flourescent tube for the mothers? Thats alot of electricity. Please advise.

John from Ohio.

I would petition my state legislators to decriminalize what ever you wanted to grow and stop acting like you are doing something wrong. Stand up for you rights and use all the f*cking electricity you want to John.    

my question is what size ends do you use in watering of the plants. how much water dripping into pots

I only use gph drip ends to restrict the flow slightly on the first few plant sites because the water flow is stronger closer to the pump. . I'd just use one-quarter inch plastic tubing. the water just flows 15 minutes on 15 off.

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