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What is the history of hydroponics?

p>no comments .discus the history of hydroponics?

How big of a pump does it take to run that gallon set up??

I use about a 500 GPH for about 80 jugs.

Hey Scott,

Spray your plants with some milk. Blossom-end rot is caused by a calcium deficiency.

Hi Ron. No I was not referring to "fusion lights". I am referring to co-extruded polyethylene tubes which are black on the inside and white on the outside, i.e. "panda film"

I have a rock wool construction board that was given to me. Can I strip the backing off both sides and use this as my hydroponic media after rinsing it?

Even though it basically is the same material it isn't used in growing plants because of building codes they have to treat it with fire retardant. Plants don't like fire retardant. 

for yr ph problem 1. buy a good ph-meter 2 use canna (dutch brand) ph- or ph+. For the plants you have in mind, the ph- level must be 5,2> to <5,6. Oon the internet their are many sites where you can find all the answers on all yr questions concerning growing yr plants. with a litte effort of course.

Hey Ron,

Quick question!

What kind of pump, how many gpm, and where to get it (fish store perhaps)?

I am using the 11 plant 2L system with a 18 gallon rubbermaid.


Submersible 50 to 120 GPH pump and yes.

Ron, Am building the 11 plant setup...a tad modified of course...would like to know the depth pf the bottles after cutting, and how you folded over the edge... Also, I will be using a ceramic medium, and rooting the seeds in Rockwool cubes (1 1/2") so I would like to know the approximate height of the water.... Many folks have different opinions on the timing of the feed/water cycle...15min on/45 off..???

I have only recently started to experiment with hydro and have a small setup at home. I tried Pak Choi in an NFT system. I bought the plants as seedlings and washed the roots, inserted them into tubes with a small block of grow wool for support. Instead of the leaves forming a spinach type bunch as I believe Pak Choi and Bok Choy etc should the plants have become long and spindly with the leaves separated 30-40mm along the stem. The plants have been in for around 6 weeks and are now starting to flower. Is this normal for Pak Choi in hydro? Has anyone had similar with chinese cabbages?

Long and spindly usually means not enough light. 

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