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How can hydroponics help me?

p>Hello Ron , l am currently studing year 12 VCE food technology and are featuring a topic of our studies on food and technological development. l am focusing my main topic on the hydroponic farming of tomatoes. l was wondering whether you could help guide me in the right direction and answer some of these simply questions The advantages of the hydroponic tomatoes over other similar traditional products? The growing, which enabled the prodcut of hydroponic tomatoes to be developed? And whether you have any significant points about hydroponic tomatoes? Or a diagram on how hydroponics works? Any of this help would be greatly helpful to help for my furture studies. And whether you have any other websites that focus on hydroponic tomatoes Hope to hear from you soon and thankyou for your help Thankyou

Happy Holidays! I recently found a Phototron II and it is fully operational (lights anyway). However, I am a complete novice on the system and how hydroponics work in such a device. What do I need to acquire to get started (i.e. growing medium, fertilizer solution, pumps, BOOKS, test kits, etc.). I dreamt of owning one of these thing since high school so I hope it has been worth the wait!

Sorry that garden is all hype. You can't grow much with florescence lights, the light source in them. 

I am a student doing research on hydroponics. I am going to test how the different plant nutrients affect plant growth. I'd like to know which nutrients are the most essential (I'm assuming phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium) and how I might go about setting up different nutrient solutions to be able to do the experiment

Hello All,
I live in the Midwest and was considering converting my spare bedroom into a room devoted mainly for growing hydroponic tomatoes. The room measures about 12'x10' and is made from wood and plaster. Can someone point me in the right direction please?

what is the highest concentration of thc in plant known to man and what is that plants name

I have a small garden and a friend told me tha you can use baking soda to increase the levels of CO2. Does this sound right to you ? If so please explain.Beside from bying a CO2 regulater do you know of any other ways of increasing CO2 levels in limited space. Clay.

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