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Any how to hydroponics references?

Hey Blake can i have the how to hydroponics too ok thank you

Have you ever used earthworms manure plus styrofoam little balls as a growing media? How come we use just peat and not earthworms manure considering its high cations interchange capacity?


This is likely a pretty stupid question, but I'm in the process of building a garden now, my question is: How often are you supposed to add nutrient to the solution?

Every time you add water to your tank. If you just added water it would dilute your solution to a lower ppm. That's fine too if that is what you want to do.

MOLD and FUNGUS promblem. Yes,I have one. Wish not to paint the plants. I am interested in humidity beads.

hi guys i am fairly new to hydroponics and want to build the 11 plant garden. i understand all about building it but dont understand the folowing: do you just stick your medium in the pop bottles then plant your plant and turn the water on? what is the whole thing about the PH? what is it suppost to be like? do you use a grow medium? or do you just make something to hold the top part of the plants out of the water? what size of pump shuold you use for the 11 plant garden? sorry for all of the questions but i really need to know. -jon

What kind of pop bottle do you use? Do you paint then white or do they come like that?

2-liter and I use vinyl spray paint.

Anyone have experience doing hydroponics outside in South Florida?



who invented hydroponics

how to kill mold

I would like to set up greenhouses for cucumbers, peppers and squash. I can't seem to locate the links that explain how to build a commercial setup. I saw one a few weeks ago, but can't find it now that I am looking for it. Any help would be appreciated. Ron, I believe, has tried a few times to send info but my computer will not open the files.

Ron, you've been a great help and we are getting ready to build a permanent greenhouse is northern Texas. I have read your sight and now have a question about how to control the temperature here when it reaches 100+ - do I understand that since I have a low dewpoint (less than 60) that I cannot use a swamp cooler and must use and air conditioner? if so, what size to you recommend of a 12 x 14 greenhouse that will get a lot of shade, but the temps are high - thx novice

Here in florida most greenhouses have to shut down the hottest months and use that time to clean the greenhouse and all the equipment for the next growing season. Some growers switch to plants that can tolerate higher heat like ornamentals and most herbs and spices. To cool it with an air conditioner it would have to be a big one because you would ware out a window model fast.  

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