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Where can I get hydroponic equipment?

Hi Ron. I'm working on a report for one of my classes. I need to know what the biological aspect of bacteria are in a hydroponics unit. Or, How will the bacteria help the fish? Can you help? Thanks. Natasha

I would go to and ask for their catalog. They specialize in fish farming and hydroponic equipment and you can lean a lot from their catalog.
You can build your own aquaponics garden by placing the 11 Plant Garden without the container on top of a fish aquarium. Don't use the ebb and flow method but instead you need to run 1/4 inch spaghetti lines from the submersible pump in the fish tank up to each bottle/plant. This drip method doesn't use as much water as ebb and flow so your fish wont be sucking air ever time the pump comes on. You need to filter out the fish poop after it has release its nutrients in the water. Remove the old fish tank light and add a grow light above your garden that will serve duel purposes for plants and the fish.
Don't expect to grow high users of nutrients like tomato plants but stick to growing plants like bibb lettuce.
The problem is hydro plants like a pH of 5.5, 6.0 and fish like it at around 8.0 so you will have compromise on that and put it at maybe 7.0.  

when do you know that its harvesting time

hi i just built two plant system i have a timer that works with 30min settings where do i find a pump to get 24hr. worth of sort setting???? 

Any home improvement store and most pet stores sell submersible pumps.

This ??? is about the 11 plant system. Could someone tell me if it would be a good idea to pump air into the pipe system when the water is not running. Would this be a good way to oxygen to the roots of the plant??

Any help would be great



George, I had problems with root rot using rockwool. If you decide to go that way make sure your cycle is designed to let the rockwool dry out some. Watch the pH too. Rockwool does have some pH stability problems too. There are some new growing medias (like rockwool) that are better. I'll see if I can track down a name later.


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