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Where can I get hydroponic fertilizer?

Trying to reduce the cost of my fertilizer:

Check out , Fruit Trees Alive- Build-Up Formula Fertilizer in their catalog. This fertilizer claims to have a high concentration of micronutrients. One catalog list copper and sulfur as some of the macro/micronutrients. At 9.95 for 3lbs, this stuff would be a lot cheaper, even with the $5 shipping than what I am paying for fertilizer ($12.50 for 1 lb at the local store). Given I have a fruit tree I can use this stuff on if it doesn't work, I am going to order a 3lb bag. Just thought I posted this, so, someone else might also give it a try. The real trick is figuring out how much to add to each gallon of water.

Also, I having been adding one liter of compost tea into each ten gallons of water along with my dry hydroponic fertilizer. My plants seem to love it. It also lowers my PH and seems to help to keep it low.

Hey Ron, I started the 11 plant garden and am using a commercial hydroponic fertilizer. I check and correct the ph daily. My timer is 15 min on and 15 off. Problem is the leaves on the plants are turning brown on the edges and dieing off. the plants keep growing and are about 2 feet tall and are blooming. What could be causing this dieing off

Cliff Lasiter

Alamogordo, New Mexico

Ron, What nutrients if any should be added to the hydro solution for the flowering phase?

Ether start using a hydroponic fertilizer that says bloom or if you use only one fertilizer then you just increase the amount of fertilizer for blooming thus increasing the ppm.   

Date: 20 May 2001 Time: 13:10:45 Comments I have started a hydroponic tomato garden. The plants have been in it about 18 days and have really been looking good. I have noticed in the past few days that the better boy's leaves have curled up. The others are doing well though. Also, there is a brownish looking residue in the tubes and some of the roots have this brownish look to them now. The roots used to look white when they first started to grow. Is this some sort of fungus or algae growth? Should I do something about it? If someone could offer some info, I would welcome it.

Thanks, Eric

18 days is to early to worry. Just keep an eye on them longer before you panic.

New reponse:

It has been just over one month now and almost all of my tomato plants are gone. The leaves continued to curl up and they stopped growing. They arent dead yet, but they might as well be. I was using a hydroponic fertilizer and adding one teaspoon per gallon of water as directed. If anyone knows a better fertilizer to use or know what I am doing wrong, I would appreciate the help on it.


If your pH is to low or to high it won't matter what kind or how much fertilizer you use it won't help.

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