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Is hydroponic gardening better for growing vegetables?

What is the optimal Ph for growing tomato plants in a hydro system. Also what light

What are the best books to get a complete novice/idiot into hydroponic gardening. I want to grow peppers if that makes a diff. TIA

GREAT SITE!!!! I haven't done any hydroponic gardening or soil gardening for that matter, but have been interested in it for many years. Your plans for the 11 plant garden are interesting and simple. I have a question though what size reservoir does it use? Some folks have asked about the "555" timer, Radio Shack has a book p/n 276-5010, that shows schematics for all sorts of devices that may be helpful w/ automation.

Ron- I am new at hydroponic gardening and I am building your 11 plant system. Reseaching the internet I located a timer that can be set 15 min. on and 15 min. off. It costs approximately $15.00 and is manufactured by a company called Grasslin. I have not had a chance to use it yet but is appears to be perfect for our systems. Thanks for your web site as it is the best hydroponic site on the web.

G'day from sunny Queensland!

I just wanted to drop a quick word to Ron to praise him not only for an excellent on-going tutorial in hydroponic gardening in text and pictures, but for the fantastic work he's done in educating the masses on this wonderful (and addictive!!) hobby.

I've been gardening for a couple of months now, using principles that Ron has displayed on the pages here, as well as other ideas I've gleaned over the internet.

All in all, I keep coming back, Ron... yours is definitely the best of sites! Please keep up the good work.

Dave Stygall Qld Australia.

I am new to hydroponic gardening and I have small children. Are any of the materials harmful to children? Do I need to be careful about keeping them away from my garden (other than for the obvious reason of avoiding damage to my plants!!)?

Some houseplants are harmful to kids and animals but I don't know which ones. 

Hi I have started a new hobbie with hydroponic gardening for the elderly folks I take care of and was wondering if anyone could donate some books or magazines on the subject? Would be much appreciated. Thankyou Sincerly Bonne

Could someone give me some basic info about hydroponic gardening in general. I am doing a science project and I need some help to get an "A"

One of the hottest products to ever hit the Hydroponic gardening stores in British Columbia is now available throughout North America. Go to the following website and if you are interested in this product please email us at and we can tell you more.

High, I'm a newbie at hydroponic gardening and I need to know how I can produce a successful crop with in 3 to 4 months with minimal risk. I live in a isolated town of about 100 people and need to make some extra cash to enjoy life and of coarse stay high can anyone help me? my e-mail for this purpose is:

I wouldn't touch that question with a ten foot spleaf.   

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