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How difficult is hydroponic farming?

p>Hello Ron , l am currently studing year 12 VCE food technology and are featuring a topic of our studies on food and technological development. l am focusing my main topic on the hydroponic farming of tomatoes. l was wondering whether you could help guide me in the right direction and answer some of these simply questions The advantages of the hydroponic tomatoes over other similar traditional products? The growing, which enabled the prodcut of hydroponic tomatoes to be developed? And whether you have any significant points about hydroponic tomatoes? Or a diagram on how hydroponics works? Any of this help would be greatly helpful to help for my furture studies. And whether you have any other websites that focus on hydroponic tomatoes Hope to hear from you soon and thankyou for your help Thankyou

Hi, I'm doing a science project on hydroponic farming, using the Water Culture method, i need to know how to get the best results, especially with pea plants & carrots, if anyone can give me some advice, than post it on the bulletin board, please address it to J.S. of Fl

p>hi!it's JS of FL, to answer your question Ron, i'm from the planet Zorglon3,[just kidding], i am however, from the space coast, which is why i'm doing this project, because i figure that it'd be awfully messy 2 bring soil into space, so we may have 2 use hydroponic farming. Also, if we ever do settle on other planets, most of them, including Mars, have stronger gravity, [could ya'tell i want 2 work at NASA someday?]so i want to see how well hydroponics would work in stronger gravity.btw, thanks for the info on the lettuce fertilizer!

I am doing a science project and i need to know the affects on a plant if it is just set in water and not planted in siol can someone please help!!!

Hay Ron Great web site. Finding alot of information on my new hobby. I Did the eleven plant system and it works great. Now I need to Know if you have made a home made, lighting system.

Dear Ron, What is the better meter to use. An EC meter or a TDS meter. Thanks. Edwin

I only know how to read the one that reads PPM (parts per million). So that's the one I recommend.

Hello, my name is Ian. I have to do a science fair project at school, and I was thinking of doing something involving hydroponics (I'm not quite sure what to do, but I'd like to use hydroponics). If anybody could help me out with this (where to get hydroponic stuff, info. on hydroponics, etc.) it'd be greatly appreciated. If you could help me, my email is Thanks! Ian

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