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Is homemade hydroponics a good idea?

Hello everyone. I just joined the club. My question is this. I am planning on making a homemade hydroponics system with a 10 gallon aqarium. Basically the system consists of an aquarium with the nutrients in the bottom and burlap on the top holding the growing medium and a pump for aeration. I am planning on trying tomato plants in this system. Has anybody tried this or would I be better off purchasing a small commercial system?

?i have a space of 2.5"W 3'L 6'H .covered with aluminum foil and i have placed mirrors on the floor . I would like to know how many plants i can fit the room ? How many metal halide lamps i need ? and is it better to place my lamps over my plants or on the walls?

6 or 9 plants and 250 MH would work and 400 MH would be better over your plants.

why does it called canadian sheild

Is there a way to tell male and female plants from the seeds?


Nurse Duckett

on Peter's Hydrosol

give me your email address and i will send you my own little computer program on what other mix to use just to make my hydroponic solution

yes, peters hydrosol is not enough to make your plant grow well, need to put in more stuff in it


I am new to growing hydroponically, although I have read a ton on the subject. My question is: which system is the best and can you give me a breakdown on them all and the pros and cons for all? I mean NFT,DRIP AND ALL. I plan on starting out with like 20 plants! I would appreciate the help. jay email:

im new at this i just started today for an school project and im wondering where i can find rockwool cubes

Sorry about the bulletin board malfunction 

If you need assorted PVC fittings, I found a great site that has most everything. Go to Manufacturing, Inc. They have barbed 1x1/2 reducing tees for hooking up your pump hoses (for 2 bucks, too and a bunch of other hard-to-find fittings.

I am writing a paper on hydroponics as a career and I need the following questions answered for my research. What level of education is needed for this particular career? Do you have to be licensed or certified? Are there any laws that need to be considered before entering this career? Is there a demand for trained employees? What are the salary ranges? What are the advantages or disadvantages of this kind of work? What is a typical day like? Is it more physical labor or administrative? Your help will be very much appreciated! Thank You! UT Student

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