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Has anyone ordered products from harvest moon hydroponics?

I am trying to grow a a 2-4 plant-hydroponic garden. I ordered the following unit, for $70,

from Harvest Moon Hydroponics.

here is the description The recently redesigned HomeGarden System is an outstanding unit for the beginning hydroponic gardener. The submerging the grow rocks. A full-length airstone and external air pump continuously supply oxygen to the reservoir. Capillary matting surrounds the grow rocks and keeps medium moist and helps deliver nutrient-rich water to the starter cubes on top of the system.

total cost is a factor (limited budget), my question is can someone rank in order from most important to get exactly what is listed on here and what items you can cut costs by purchasing something like what you need.

Example could be Lights or is what I already purchased really not needed ?


I would like to know if anyone has tried growing Okra using hydroponics and what the average yield might be. You can email me at

I got four okra plants just starting. I will let you know how they do.

I am just starting at this and was thinking about growing strawberries. Any help on this would be great. Ph levels, water cycles, how much sunlight, a good solution. Thanks. I will be using the 11 plant ebb system.

dear ron,
i need you opinion on this observation ...
i got two test specimen of pokchoy. one hydroponically grown and one soil grown.

(1) there are less veins in the leaves of hydroponically grown pokchoy. these veins are suppose to be the system in the leaf that brings food to the various part of the leaves;

(2) i place a cut soil grown pok choy leaf and a pok choy hydroponically grown side by side for 2 hours. after that time, i noticed that the hydroponically grown pokchoy wilted faster than the soil grown.

possible causes:

a. i suspect calcium deficiency bec. my Ca content is less than 100ppm while it is suggested that it should be at least 200ppm;

b. water retention in my hydroponically grown veggie is low maybe because of the cell wall is less stronger than that of the soil grown specimen. Remember, Calcium help build cell walls.

c. hydroponically grown veggies are use to more water than soil grown, therefore, once its harvested, it wilt faster (my guess).

your expert opinion on this scebario is be greatly appreciated.


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