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What does growing weed involve?

I am growing weed this summer and i was wondering what the best way to do it is. I am a beginner and i was wondering because i want to grow really bad. I want to grow good weed that is gonna make people say "DAMN THAT IS SOME GOOD SHIT!"

what is the fastest way to produce hydro in the greatest quantity.

Blake, I'd like the plans too, Thanks

Finding thin-wall PVC. I couldn't find this, until someone told me that 200psi PVC is thin-wall. He was right. Take the bottle cap with you and check it for fit before you buy it:)

I have some cucumber plants, that seem to be doing great, but some of the cucumbers have strange shapes, thin at the top but then get really fat towards the bottom, like a pear, and the bottom part is a lighter shade then the rest of the cucumber, any diagnosis. Thanks Chris

I'm looking for the cheapest pump (submersible, I think) possible for the 11 plant system. If anyone has one they would like to sell (or donate) or knows where we can get one, please e-mail . Thanks. HydroJon

RE: Novice/idiot pepper grower

You don't need a book to read to get started. Just do it. All the information you need is right here at this website.

I would suggest that you can use the 11 plant system for peppers, but you should use a 32 oz cup, grow rocks, and trim the 2 liter bottle a little taller for the larger cup. This should give you enough root room for pepper plants. Flood and drain every 15 minutes.


can you turn a highbay light sideways instead of hanging it down?

Not unless it is a universal bulb which can be used ether horizontal or vertically. It will work but the life of the bulb will be greatly accelerated .   

hey ron what could i use to get rid of the smell in doors besides venting of the good stuff.

Ion generators help. Automatic injector room fresheners is one way.  Or you can tell people that you have converted  to Buddhism and that's why you are burning incense all the time.  

if you want to kill all mold put a ozone generator in there on low for a few days borrow one not to long though or your product will smell like hay but look killer trust me no one will want it after the ozone treatment get more fresh air movement that's a must good luck

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