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How do I go about growing tomato?

What is the optimal Ph for growing tomato plants in a hydro system. Also what light regement is needed to induce flowering in tomato plants?

Around 6.0 pH and tomato flowering is not determined by light cycles like pot. I would use 18 hours of light in a 24 hr period. 

With any hydroponic setup and when growing tomato like plants, what should the ppm be when you transplant the seedlings to your growrocks? 

600 - 700 ppm

Then as you go on thru the veg stage what should the ppm be?

700 - 1100 ppm

Lastly, what should it be during flower stages?

1100 - 1500 ppm

I'm very interested in growing tomato in solution of hydroponic nutrients (without any material like soil, just water and minerals), and so to do this the quantity of nutrients needed per day must be known. Well, do you know where i can get such information? I'd be very thankful, if you send a letter to me. (


Is the 11 plant garden suitable for growing tomato's in or should the distances between the planters be increased to allow for the growth of the tomato's when they fill out.

What kind of fertilizer do you use for growing tomato's? Is there any brand that is better than the others?


I don't know whether it is in the comments or not, but how far apart should the spacing be when growing tomato plants. Thanks

Ok, I hope this doesn't seem like a dinky question compared to all of the other "high-tech", and "big-word" questions. So,: I just started the 11 Plant Garden system, and I am growing tomato plants. My question is: Do I need to change the nutrient supplement or the nutrient substance itself, when the plants get larger? -amanda-

you need to increase the strength of your solution as your plants mature. But if you are using a two part "Grow and Bloom" nutrients then yes you would be changing the supplements as you went from one to the other. You would also be adding even more supplements if your mix called for adding micro nutrients to your solution. 

I would like to know if anyone has tried growing Okra using hydroponics and what the average yield might be. You can email me at

I got four okra plants just starting. I will let you know how they do.

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