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Is growing tobacco easier with hydroponics?

RE: growing legal tobacco
Ask any of my relatives in Kentucky, or any of the farmers in Tennessee. (* smile *)
Yes, there is no law against growing tobacco.
There are even ornamental tobacco plants (nicotina, I beleive).
I was talking to a friend who is a tobacco farmer, and he even grows the starts for the plants, you guessed it!, hydroponicly/hydroponically (whichever is correctly spelled!)
Take it easy.

Signed, --HillJack--

how do you set up a hydroponics tomatoe plant, i want to make one for an assignment to show hydroponics is better then normal soil but i dont know how to set it up.

Hello Ron,

I started a small NFT system three weeks ago. Today I changed out the solution and made a new batch using the same formula as before. However within an hour the plants began to wilt as if they were not being watered at all. The NFT system I'm using is a constant flow, it was down for no more than 5 minutes while changing the solution. Any ideas why this would happen? The only difference I can see is the water temperture...the old batch @ 74 degrees the new batch @ 63 degrees. The plants have recovered, but I would like to know what to do differently the next time.

Thanks Mark

I am desperately in search for a good source (be it internet/book) on algae control in hydroponic systems. Any or all information/sources you may know of would be much appreciated. This is for a college report, so if you have no answers please don't fake it Thank you kindly for your time. Josh

Ron can you post any recipe's that one can use for a foliar spray for N, P, Mg, Fe, Cu, Zn, B, Mo, Mn, supliments anything would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Ron (or whomever can answerer my query) I just started out on my hydroponic quest and I was trying to find some cheep growing solution. I remember finding a place on the web that had some in dry form for only $5.00 or sow. But please give me any information you might have. I'm just a beginner.

The cheapest I have ever used is Nutri-sol but I can't find it anymore. So now I mix my own.

Attn: Brett, RE: Germinating seeds without using dirt.

I just lost 16 plants cause of the heat here, over 100 degrees every day.

I don't know if this will work, but I just sprouted my replacement plants (squash and bush beans) using a diluted rooting nutrient to soak a paper towel, then wrapping the seeds up and putting them in a plastic sandwich bag. After 3 days, strong roots developed from most of the seeds.

I transplanted the seeds in Scotts seed starter mix bought at Home Depot, however, I think that next time, I will try to use the small grow rocks (1/4 inch dia.) in the system and plant the rooted seeds directly in the cups and start off with a diluted nutrient until the first true leaves develop.

From sites I've found on the web, I believe this may work. You may want to try it.


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