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Where can I find the best grow light?

i live in the greater Daytona beach area and i was wonder if anyone knew where i could find a new or used grow light?? hps 150 or 250 watt any help would be nice

Hi Ron, A ? or 2. Has anyone heard of new light Fluorex Tech. Full Spectrum Light 500w. If so how does it compare to MH in practical use. Priced at around $50

I am always skeptical of grow light makers claims of a better product. My advice is go ahead and try them if you can afford it. With the price of tomatoes going higher and higher maybe you can try experimenting with new equipment.

the deference between a grow light & a security light is the transformer of gases some nasty fumes because its made to run out doors if you can stand the smell they will work its kinda like you get what you pay for better off with a grow light or a green house

Re: Difference between HPS lights

There is no real difference between the lights you buy at the hardware store and at a hydroponics store. The ones at a hardware store often times have a built in ballast, and a grow light has a remote ballast, making it a bit cooler. The light they put out is the same, given the same reflector, which you can build. If the wattage is the same, go for the cheaper light.


Hello, Maybe you can help me I live in an area where there is no indoor gardening supply stores. Needless to say when buying a grow light I prefer to pay cash for fairly obvious reasons...I mean is it safe and secure to order these things online or by mail or is your name registered in some government computer as a possible drug cultivator even though it might be a shed full of tomatoes your intending to grow?? I just like my privacy thats all and I was wondering if ordering these things by mail or internet is in fact secure from the prying eyes of law enforcement. Any personal knowledge regarding this or advice? Thanks for your time.

Our government has giving law enforcement the power to do just about anything they want in the name of the war on drugs. The last Bush we had in the Whitehouse tried to put every indoor grow store out of business (Operation Green Merchant) and even harassed buyers by subpoenaing their UPS records. Now we got another Bush along with a Dick and Colon running the show now. And we all know daddy bush is pulling the strings.

All I can say is that I do not give, sell, trade any member information on this web site. I would even go as far as saying that I would not surrender my records even under the threat of jail. 
I am a card carrying member of the ACLU and would love for the government to knock on my door with a subpoena.
As for them hacking into my system is another story. Ever time they bust one of those kids that hack into NASA or IBM, they slap them on the wrist and give them a job to hack for them. 
That's why internet privacy legislation is so important.   

so it would work if I used an HPS ballast. would I benefit switching bulbs, has anybody tried this? It seems like everything I read says how one type of light is better then the other for specific plants, please excuse my lack of knowledge on this, but the two lights have two different purposes. from what I understand metal halide is more of a grow light and HPS is more of a flowering inducing type of bulb. Making the plant think it better get its butt in gear and produce. So my thought on it is use halide till right before flowering, or in my case tomatoes till they start growing out then switch to HPS wouldn't the plant think it needs to produce and be more into producing the tomatoes then continue growing like it would under a halide. sorry about the length I got the late shift tonight.

a cheap and easy way to start seeds is to take a 1 or 2oz plastic bathroom cup(the kind u use to put mouth wash in), put a hole in the bottom, shread sum newspaper, wet it, put in the cup, drop in a couple of seeds, add a thin layer of shreaded newspaper on top and water everyday with a diluted hydroponic nutrient solution(maybe 1/4 tsp per gallon), put in a tray in warm place that gets sum sun or under a grow light...hope someone can use this,


can a 175 watt mercury vapor light be used for a grow light ?


If I use a grow light, how high above my plants do i need to place it?

18 inches without glass and 12 with. That's also using a light mover.

Hi Ron,

I am just starting to play with hydroponics for the first time. I have four tomato plants in a Hydorfarm MegaGarden which are about 18" tall and have been doing very well. The system is set up to flood the roots once a day with Hydrofarm 7-7-7 nutrient once a day for 30 minutes starting at about 7 AM. I started using the system at the beginning of Dec. and have changed the nutrient once in the beginning of January. I am using a two bulb grow light flourescent fixture for 18 hours each day. In the last few days I have noticed that the top foliage wants to curl toward the end of the day. When I first noticed it the top stem of the tallest plant was actually curled like a curly cue with the leaves also curling. I assumed that it needed more nutrient and turned on the pump. By the next morning it looked better. I must admit that the plant had grown to within an inch or two of the plant top. I have since raised the light and started to have two 30 minutes of nutrient flooding,but I still have similar symptoms, just not as bad (no curly cues just curled leaves). I also checked the pH this morning and found it to be right at 7.0. Have you got any suggestions as to what it might be or how to eliminate the problem?

I am also interested in trying to do an analysis of the possibility of growing tomatoes for a profit. Where can I get info on the basics for the analysis, such as: - Optimal spacing of plants - Average yield of a typical plant - Wholesale market prices of tomatoes and other potential crops - Typical crop producing life span of a tomato plant

hello ron. i enjoy your site I noticed a grow light in my local hardware store. It a Sylvania Gro-lux, 20watts, 875 lummen(450@one foot), 80 degree,10,000 hrs,fits in a 110 normal socket, priced at under twenty dollars. Do you know about this, and do you have any comments about it.

Good for a low light indoor ornamental plants but useless for high light plants like veges.

Please help!

My tomatoes were thriving under my 400W MH grow light, on 14 hour days. In fact, they were blooming like crazy and the little tomatoes were about the size of shooter marbles. Then disaster struck. They started to wilt. The wilting just continued for about 5 days. I changed the nutrient bath to straight water, I even cleaned out the tank and all the parts. I'm wondering if this could have been caused by the MH lamp? Would switching to a HP sodium have saved my babies? Or does this sound like another problem. This was my first crop and I was so excited to see them fruiting. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Erik -

If a plant just wilts overnight it is most likely pinch off where the capillaries are cut off and the plant dies. If all the plants wilt in a garden then it is a root problem cause by a solution or pH problem. You did right by flushing and changing the solution.
Lights shouldn't have anything to do with wilting. 

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