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What do I need to know to grow hydroponics?

I would like to know how to grow hydroponics roses? I would like to know the growing system, growing mediums, pH, EC, TDS rage, cF, light, temperature, humidity, CO2 and nutrient use for growing hydroponics roses. You can e-mail me at:

Me too.

i've heard you can increase yeild of a hydroponics crop with oestrogen. when should it be added to the grow feed and in what quantities?

hi Ron, In the 11 plant garden i understand that the pump goes on for 30 minute and off for 30 minutes around the clock. When the pump is on is since the garden is over the tank ,you pump the water into the garden and the excess of water goes through the overflow back to the tank, When the pump is off does the water back-down through the pump to get back to the tank with gravity or it stays in the garden ????? Is it OK to use an external pump (i got a pump from an old soda carbonator, type restaurant use in post mixt to put co2 in pepsi) ?

Yes it does drain back through the pump.
An external pump would work for a drip from the top system but for an ebb and flow the filled garden needs a way to drain back to the reservoir when the pump shuts off. If your external pump does that then it should work.

I am really interested in Purchasing a Pipe dreams 160 but I am concerned that it may not produce the same weight you might get with soil. The cup spaces look to be too close together. I would like to get at least an ounce of my favorite vegetable after a seven or eight week flowering cycle. I know it can be done in soil with a 3 week veg. cycle first but can the same thing be done with this system? If so what is the recommended veg. time to do this or maybe recommended plant height. Anyone out there know what I'm talking about? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, James

Weight has more to do with seed verity than with growing in soil or hydroponics. 

How can I grow hydroponic tomatoes and cucumbers together in a 20' x20' greenhouse?

It is not recommended growing different plants in the same greenhouse but I do. 

how do i connect a high pressure sodium ballast to a electricity supply 

From Gardening Indoors by G. F. Van Patten Very large picture(208 KB)

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