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Does anyone have advice on growing asparagus?

Growing Asparagus hydroponics how long before you would get to harvest it? And can you make a profit at growing it hydroponics? And do you know of some one that is doing it now?

Can you give me the specifications to build an aquarium using a tall clear glass vase, hydrophonic peace lillies, and Beta fish. Key i need is how to keep the peace lilly at top of vase (what can fasten it for removal when needed) and where can i obtain peace lillies?

Assistance would be greatly appreciated


What does the future hold for hydroponic produce?

I have been wanting to start with hydroponics for some time now and bought some nutrient off the shelf 3 years ago. I eventually built a experimental plant now and used the nutrient,planting cabbage without success.

Does the stuff go off

Hannes Richard

I have poppies growing and so far about 2wks after germination and they seem to be doing well. The plants have nice and sturdy stems,although some are turnig a purpleish color. Is this a symptom of a problem? Also, when i sowed the seedlings in the peat pellats, i accidentally must have put up to 7 seedlings in some pods. These particular pellats are awesome seeing the great growth, but i am wondering what to do because i dont think they can be this close to eachother, ie, less potent when harvested. I need to know if i can replant them or if i would not be a problem or even if i should just cut the smaller ones and hope for the best with the big ones.

i agree, give ron a break. dope is for dopes, go to the proper site!

I'm going to be building the 11 bottle system, what is a good starting point or the watering.. How many times per day, and how long on and off.. Thanks

Dave from Ottawa

Every half hour or so as long as the light is on. You don't need to water at night.

my plants are flowering and i have a couple that look completely dead. the leaves are yellow and wrinkled up, what is the best way to clip them? they have been on 12/12 for the last week, is it to late to save these plants? thanx

Are there currently any studies or unanswered questions in hydroponics? Does anyone have any ideas about a science project I can do on hydroponics?

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