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Can someone give me advice on growing grass?

I'm a High School student, and I'm doing a science fair project on growing grass in hydroponics,and seeing which type of fertilizer works best. If yall could give me any info. about what types I should use and which types work best, I would appreciate it a lot! Thanks for yalls time! P.A.

I was a mailman for 10 years and ran across several people using hydroponics and became interested and now im retired from there and have moved to puerto rico and need a hobby -small income or more . Thinking of a commercial hydroponics garden with the goverment backing and would like to know if you would aprove and the do's and the dont's. After all that, I would like to say thanks for what you are offering for free,seems as though you are caught up in the moment of mother nature at its best and that is why I'm asking you as to someone that has a vested interest. I to love mother nature and the money is only something that will offer me more of the outdoors. Thanking you in advance and do hope that you still have the love of it all Terry king

Just want to say thanks for actually replying to my post. Not many sites actually do. Mike

I know the overflow pipe in your 9 plant garden can go anywhere on the system. My question to you is how do connect the other end of the overflow pipe to the reservoir if your system isn't sitting on top of the reservoir? My guess is a hose of some kind?

Yes you can use flexible hose or add PVC fittings and pipe to run it anywhere you like. Sometimes I even put the tanks outside of the grow room and run the overflow and pump hose to the garden. 

Ron, I planted my 21 cup unit 3 weeks ago with a mix of tomato and pepper plants. Everything was going great until today when I noticed just 1 pepper plant was starting to wilt. I checked the roots and they were starting to brown and getting soft. All of the other plants are growing just fine, but I'm worried that what happened to this one plant will spread to the others. Any ideas? Thanks John

For some reason every once in awhile a plant will develop damping off and just die with the same plants next to it not effected at all. I always have plants to stick in it's place.

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