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Are there organic hydroponics solutions?

Has anyone used the new organic hydroponics solution called Metanaturals

Hey Ron, Love your husband and I have learned so much and greatly appreciate your work! Do you have schematics with the individual lengths of the PVC on the 16 plant system?? If not, can you at least tell me if you use gallon jugs and if so how far apart are they in the 16 plant system center to center?? Thanks so much, Angel

I use the 2 liter for the 16 plant and standard distance is 12 inches from center to center. The gallon systems I put 18 inches apart.  

If my information is right - the blooming room should be lit for 12 hours and dark for 12 hrs. Does this room have to be pitch black - or just no direct light on the plants. In my greenhouse, there is light reflecting off the ceiling above my blooming area - no direct light getting to the plants - but it is not totally dark in the area either - what do you think ---- In The Dark?

You can get away with some light but not very much. About as much as a new moon reflects at night. If you can see your out stretched hand then I would say that's to much light. Some growers use black plastic on a pulley system to darken their greenhouse.  



The timer turns the pump on. The pump sitting in the nutrient solution reservoir pumps the solution up the hose to the garden to supply the plant roots with food. The plant roots will use as much nutrient as it needs and the rest is returned back to the reservoir for the next feeding. Determined by your timer setting. About every 15 minutes. The overflow pipe keeps the water from rising to high in the cups. This is the ebb and flow or flood and drain hydroponic system.   

Dear Ron, How big of a growing room would you need to build for the 11 plant system and how big of a light would you need for optimum growth. Also I am planning on building this room in a pole barn in a northern state what would be the best way to keep it heated and ventilated with fresh air in winter time. Thanks Bud Green

The 11 plant is for people with very small growing areas. If I had a barn I would use the 16 plant size because you would use the same size light for both. A 250 W. or better yet a 400 W. 
As for your room. I would build it out of 2' x 4's at the corners and use that Celotex 4' x 8' shiny insulation board to build the walls. I would build it about 6' x 6' x 7' high. 
The light will supply heat when it is on and any small heater will be enough when the light is out. If you use a propane or kerosene heater you will also be adding co2 to your room as well but don't burn your barn down.

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