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Are many people using hydroponics?

Dear Ron. I am a student at Warwickshire college in England and i am trying to research a project on growing trees using hydroponics. So far i have only found information regarding herbaceous plants and tropical plants like banana trees. Have you any links/information that may be of use at all. -Thanks- Richard Johnson . e-mail.

Hello my name is John W. .I'm in the 6th grade. I'm using hydroponics for my Science Fair at school. My teacher wants us to have an expert comment us on our hypothesis. My hypothesis is: I believe the plants in potting soil will grow bigger, stronger and faster because of minerals in it. Could you please comment on my hypothesis? Thank you John White at

How can you recycle Nutrients using hydroponics?

I have to do a chemistry project for school using hydroponics. The thing is I don't have any experience in hydroponics. I already did some research and i have purchased the following equipment: 400 watt MH lamp, 5 and 10 gallon Rubbermaid containers, air pump, water pump. I don't know what kind of nutrients to use or growing medium. I also need ideas on something easy to grow that would react well to different types of nutrients. Ideas on home-made nutrients are the main point that iam aiming for. And you have to keep in mind that this is for a school chemistry project.

You can Email at

I'm a small-scale veggie grower, using hydroponics for some of my crops. I'm thinking about starting up a hydroponics ezine (online magazine), to share information I've found about cost-effective building methods, growing strategies, online resources, etc. I'm trying to determine how much demand there would be for such an online magazne, before I go through all the work of creating it. Would any of you be interested in subscribing to such an ezine, for about $10 a year?

I would like to know if anyone has tried growing Okra using hydroponics and what the average yield might be. You can email me at

I got four okra plants just starting. I will let you know how they do.

Hey Ron! I am wondering what plant will grow good in this weather using hydroponics.

I am growing tomatoes, peppers, and herbs of all kinds. It is getting kind of cool at night (45 degrees) now. My tomatoes are just showing and if we have an early frost they will be history. I will try to cover them if that happens. 

what are the disadvantages of using hydroponics?


hi ron,

just wondering ... can one grow orchids using hydroponics ?



Yes but what nutrient mix to use I don't know.

How easy is it to grow mint using hydroponics?


What plants are easiest to grow using hydroponics?


i have two questions, but first i have been raising plants using hydroponics (built all my own beds) for ten years or longer. everything was perfect. then i moved. now i have built two new gardens. and lot of alga formed (a new problem for me but i did build these beds a lot different then my first ones) so i tore them apart and cleaned everything with clorax, painted the outside of the beds black to eliminate the light to the water storage. now one bed works beautifully, one kills everything i plant. i am presently tearing the bad bed apart again and flushing everything with clean water. is this the thing to do?


 can there be clorax residue remaining causing the damage?


 second while dismantling the bed i noticed that the pea gravel is staying damp between feeding, therefore the roots are also remains damp (not wet, just damp) is this a problem? if so why only one bed? 

Damp should be OK but check your draining for that bed. Flow control valves on every bed can equalize the levels to each bed. Then make sure all the beds drain completely before watering again.

i pump water twice a day (have done this schedule for years) for about 1 hour at a time. there are overflow drains in the top beds so excess water drains back into holding tank. there are also drains in the upper bed that drain all the water off the roots, after pump shuts down, in about 1/2 hour. anybody have any ideas? now back to work cleaning the bad bed until i hear from, hopefully, all or some of you. thanks how does one join this hydroponic club? wally i believe you will get my address but if not try (life isn't east for a boy named ruth so i go by wally)

this is wally again, forgot a couple of important facts that should have been included in my question. each of my gardens have their own pump and their own water/nutrient holding tanks (50 gallons) the only thing common is the timer that turns them both on and an hour later turns them both off. thanks again---wally at

Well then forget what I said up their and switch one garden nutrient tank that is doing good and use that one for your problem bed. If the same problem continues then that bed is possessed so call an exorcist.  

Hi Ron, I am looking to grow alfalfa using hydroponics and would like advise and feedback from members with experience of this.

Can you grow any kind of illegal drugs using hydroponics?

Illegal is relative. It depends on where you live and what special interest groups control your politicians to past laws that benefit them.      

Do plants grow faster in soil or when using hydroponics

I was a mailman for 10 years and ran across several people using hydroponics and became interested and now im retired from there and have moved to puerto rico and need a hobby -small income or more . Thinking of a commercial hydroponics garden with the goverment backing and would like to know if you would aprove and the do's and the dont's. After all that, I would like to say thanks for what you are offering for free,seems as though you are caught up in the moment of mother nature at its best and that is why I'm asking you as to someone that has a vested interest. I to love mother nature and the money is only something that will offer me more of the outdoors. Thanking you in advance and do hope that you still have the love of it all Terry king

Has anyone ever heard of anyone growing sweet corn using hydroponics?

disadvantages of using hydroponics to generate food in Singapore

I am only a very amateur grower and not using hydroponics but I'm in the desperate situation of losing several months work - perhaps stupidly I pruned and transplanted in one sitting and also slightly changed the lighting conditions - the crop has been ill for a few days now and looks set to die - leaves have drooped to vertical - is there any recommended recovery suggestions....please help!

Hello! I live on a sailing boat and am interested in starting to grow a few vegetable plants using hydroponics... can anybody please suggest the best method (and easiest) for me to use, without getting into systems that require pumps, ph testing etc... I need to do this in the most simple, most inexpensive way possible! Thank you so much! Emily

don't we all wish?

Dear Ron, I would like to plant a fig tree inside my house using hydroponics. A tree that will bear fruit. Is this possible? If I can, can I limit it's growth to 5 feet tall and 2 feet in circumference by pruning or some other method..

I haven't had good results with hard wood plants like most trees, roses, and shrub type plants yet. But water loving plants like banana trees do better in hydroponics because of the water aspect of hydroponics. If any members out their have had any luck in this area we could use some help.

Can you give some examples of vegetables & fruits that can be grown using hydroponics.

tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers

whats good about using hydroponics

Do plants grow faster in soil or when using hydroponics?

What is the ratio of space required for hydroponic or even aeroponics cultivation as compared to traditional outdoor gardening??

It has been proven that 2000 square feet of outdoor garden space is able to produce 700 lbs of fruits and vegetables in one year (if done just right). If this is so, how much space does it require to produce the same amount of produce using hydroponics and aeroponics. This can be a general number or ratio because we are not talking about any specific crop. This might be easier to answer than the last posting. Thanks!!

Please e-mail answers back to me at ASAP Thanks!!

Daniel Ashworth, Jr.

About the same space. The benefit comes by the fruit finishing sooner and more weight.

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