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How do I build an aeroponics system?


I know you have received a lot of requests for plans covering your aeroponics system and the howtohydroponics. If your still in the mood to share, I'd sure appreciate a copy of each.

Thanks Jay Corry

Hi Ron, I am currently commencing building a cheap / simple Aeroponics Setup, but require some additional information.

1.)I am using a 32" x 20" container with a height of 32" 2.)I will have 6 smallish pots neatly placed in precut holes in the container suspended, with holes in allowing the roots to delicately hang down. 3.) Below in the center I have 1 mister attached to a hose and then out to a small fish tank pump , on reverse to allow for spraying water not oxygen.

Do you think the one mister is sufficient for the whole kit. and what should the mainly water solution that is sprayed upon the roots up of beside just the water.

Any help would be of greatly appreciated.

Thanks Tristan

i was just wondering if someone had plans for a small aeroponics system. Any help would be appreiciated. thanks

Ron and anyone else who could provide useful input:

I realize that there is no one "perfect timer" for all aero/hydroponics setups, but I believe I'm on the right track. I've drawn up a schematic for a programmable timer (yes - it can be programmed by just about anyone!) that will have programmable ON and OFF times. The ranges for both are 1-255 seconds, or 10-2550 seconds (in 10 second intervals), or 1-255 minutes (in 1 minute intervals), or 10-2550 minutes (in 10-minute intervals). The On and OFF times do NOT have to be the same, as both will be programmed separately.

I realize that the upper range of this timer is a bit ridiculous; however, should anyone want to use it as a light timer ON for 16 hours and OFF for 8 hours, it would work for that, as well as for an aeroponics setup, where it might be required to come on for one minute, and off for four minutes. My 11-plant system that I built from Ron's plans requires 3.5 minutes to hit the overflow, so I can set the timer for that application to 210 seconds of ON time, and 20 minutes OFF time.

The timer is in the construction phase now (prototype), and I still have to program the microcontroller. Programming the timer will be an easy task - just look the required time up on the chart and flip the switchs for the ON and OFF times. Just to make sure I had an easy to use system, I showed it to my 12yr. old daughter and asked her how would it have to be set for various times. She aced the test every time, so I know it wil be easy to understand & use.

If this were to be the perfect timer for aero/hydroponics, would it require any other features? The reason I ask, is if I take this thing to a commercial level, I'd want to include all the features I could in it. I've already heard someone mention multiple outlets on it so as to use one outlet for the pumps & one for lights. Would there be an interest in this timer when finished?

Ron - I am looking for info here. If this qualifies as someone selling a product, I apologize. This isn't a product - at least not yet. I'm just trying to find out some info so that the final version could be pretty much universal as far as useability in the hydroponics/aeroponics world.

I thank you for your input.


Aeroponics: should the nutrient solution be sprayed continuously or intermittently? NFT: should the nutrient solution flow continuouly or intermittently?. Raft system: how to reduce the heat in the nutrinet solution?.and how to aerate the nutrient solution? Subagyo(


regarding aeroponics ... check this out


Bill, Brett,

you see the picture that looks like a long rectangular chamber ?

well, a 40ft x 4ft chamber holds 397 lettuce ... give and take.

its made of styro for insulation. you put mist nozzle which produces .4mm or even smaller drops of water.

you need a power spray for that. a normal pump, including jet pump won't do. tried that, just waste my money on that.

power spray adds water and air when it pump out the water. the air that it produces produces the mist required in aeroponics.

oh, about the distance of the mist nozzle. well, it depends on the mist nozzle you can get.

in Epcot and singapore, they put the nozzle close to each other ....

well, i hope i did answer some of your questions.

if you need more info, just email me at

Attn: Freshfields

Speaking of tables, you may have interest in a system at:

Not aeroponics, but a top fed drip system with a return to the tank. I would guess that you could plant just about anything here. It uses perlite as a grow medium.

Incidentally, I turned my monitor upside down to view the pictures. It was easier to do that than to download them than use a photo program to rotate them. Thanks.


Hi My Name is Keena, I'm an 8th grade student in FL. I am in an association called TSA (technical student association). As one of our first activities we have to do a project (of course). In groups of two we had to pick either Aeroponics or Hydroponics and make a display board w/ report and make a working model. I picked Hydroponics, but I don't really know too much about it. I know what Hydroponics is, but I'm still kind of shaky. I want to do a really good project to help me on competetion level but I can't buy a kit, it doesn't need to be big and fancy, and I don't want to spend alot of money..............CaN ANYONE HELP ME??
I saw the picture of the Hydroponics gardens you had, but they are way too difficult, Can you show plans for simpler ones, and cheap parts, also would a fish tank pump work??(tryin to save money)

My group in class has to do a project comparing hydroponics and aeroponics. Can you please tell us what would be the cheapest and quickest way to grow mint with hydroponics?

I built the 11 plant garden and now have progressed further. . . I'm very interested in aeroponics but I have some questions.

Is any type of growth medium used in the systems that spray the roots with fine mist? If not, how are the plants supported? I have been looking at the systems for sale on and I want to build one. Has anyone else done this?

Does anybody have any plans/ diagrams that they can point me to?

Thank you, Eddie Noyes

Attn: Eddie Noyes

Re: Aeroponics

See my post to Pingman on Sept. 02. Go to This website has info on building a system based on the Growking system.

You might pay attention to what he says about nutrient concentration used in a mist system. I made a aeroponic setup about 1-2 months ago and trashed it after using it a couple of weeks. The nutrient started coating a white powder throughout the pipes and sprayers. This guy says that you should cut the concentration down using the mist system.


What are the differences between Hydroponics and Aeroponics?

Why Hydroponics are more common in Singapore?

I've been doing some serious surfing on the web this morning and have ran into some articles dealing with growing in tropical countries. (Maylasia, Thailand, etc.)

I've noted that one of the problems faced in Florida is the relatively high temperatures during the Summer months and I face the same here in California, although it is a dry heat with no humidity.

Anyway, the gist of the information is that due to the high heat in these tropical countries, the local growers have turned to Aeroponics because the misting of the nutrient solution is cooled as it is sprayed out in the tank chamber and this helps keep the temperatures down on the roots.

My question is has anyone here done any serious investigation into Aeroponics? I've been to many webpages and they look pretty simple to build out of common stuff found at any major home improvement store.



I also live in California and have the same temperature problem as you (see my post yesterday). Last year I built an aeroponics unit as described at and it worked great. I used standard miniature spray heads and had no problems with them getting plugged. The only disadvantage I can see with this type of unit is that it would be very difficult to build a very large unit. I used a 45 gallon tub for four tomato plants. This year I wanted a larger garden so I changed to drip and ebb and flow systems and this is when I ran into the temperature problems.

Good luck.

Bill S.

Hey ron, Your site inspired me to build my own Hydroponic machine 2 years ago. I was going nowhere in life back then, 2 years later I have made aeroponic machines for people who needed to purchase them in a discreet manner. Although I only made one of your 11 planters and then went on into aeroponics. You were my inspiration and I would like to thank you for the site.

Remember me in your will.

howdo from yorkshire, i would like to hear your comments on aeroponics as i am currently building a 14 site unit but i am having difficulty finding retailers of small high pressure pumps and spray nozzels here in england any help would be great......cheers!..cheeky

Ron...AWESOME site!! Have you experimented with an Aeroponics set-up? Can you direct me somewhere if you have not? Thanks alot...again, great site and super info!! ~Ron

Yes I built one last week. Will post pictures this weekend. 
Here they are. Picture 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Was wondering what the advantages of ebb&flow are over say NFT, Drip, and Aeroponics. Also, if a system was built large enough, would a banana do well in ebb&flow??

Looking for Bill S

Bill one.5 years ago you sent me plans for a aeroponics system since then My computer has crashed if so could you send them to me again



Aeroponics I put up the free plans that I received from Blake

i like a set of Aeroponics too

I am impressed with your web-page and knowledge of hydroponics. I am just a beginner and am learning a great deal from hydroponics online. My e-mail address is I am wondering whether I can still purchase a pump and other hydroponic hardware thru your website??? Please advise... thanks. I am very interested in aeroponics too... Sincerely, Steve

Yes. Who said you couldn't.

Hi Ron,

Great Site, and special thanks for taking the time to help us wannabes...I have 2 questions if you would be so kind:

1. I use a 48 pin timer. This floods my system for 30 minutes, then drains for 30 minutes. Is there some way to shorten the flood cycle, or should I just extend the time between flood cycles. I fear that I am over watering.

You can clamp the hose from the pump a little or use a flow control valve so it take longer to fill but it will also take longer to drain because of the smaller hole. You can put an air stone in your tank to add more oxygen so it won't matter if you water longer.  

2. I have been considering trying to an aeroponics (misting) system, and was wondering if you knew of any nutrient metering system that would allow me to run the misters from a garden hose with nutrients adding into the spray continuously, eliminating the need for a tank. Thanks, Gerry

I got one that you screw onto an outside facet and then you put fertilizer pellets in so as you water they dissolve. But it was for dirt plants. The same setup for hydroponics is very elaborate and expensive because you have to deal with adding pH and nutrients into the water line precisely.     

Hey Ron, Any plans or suggestions on aeroponics (Ein Gedi Method)??? 


Ron, hello from Spain. Which techniques can I use to recycle water in hydroponics or aeroponics ? Christian.

ebb and flow, NFT, drip systems all reuse the water.

I am looking for plans for an aeroponics set up. Wondering if I can use 5 gallon pails with lids fed from a common reservoir. Also ,what type of nozzle could be used?

Does anyone know the difference between an Ebb and Flow system, and Hydroponics, ? and which one would be better for indoor growing of African Violets and Poppies, with a 1500 watt metal halide light source

Ebb and Flow (aka) Flood and Drain is a kind of hydroponics. Just as NFT (nutrient film technique), Aeroponics, Drip emitter systems are all forms of hydroponics. Any system where plants are grown without soil could be considered hydroponics.

how many type of vegetables can be grown using aeroponics technique


I use GH Flora series nutes and I have seen different proportions of the 3 parts over the net. The differences are very large. For example, I've seen this 3 formulas:

The Standard:

Young Plants: 5ml of each for 1 US Gal Veg. Phase: 5ml of Bloom, 10 ml of Micro and 15 ml of Grow for 1 US gal Bloom or fruiting : 5 ml of Grow, 10 ml of Micro and 15 ml of Bloom for 1 US Gal.

A formula for constant feeding or aeroponics:

Young Plants: 3ml of each for 1 US Gal Veg. Phase: 2ml of Bloom, 4 ml of Micro and 6 ml of Grow for 1 US gal Bloom or fruiting : 2 ml of Grow, 4 ml of Micro and 6 ml of Bloom for 1 US Gal.

A formula for intermittent feeding or drip:

Young Plants: 3ml of each for 1 US Gal Veg. Phase: 3ml of Bloom, 6 ml of Micro and 12 ml of Grow for 1 US gal Bloom or fruiting : 4 ml of Grow, 7 ml of Micro and 13 ml of Bloom for 1 US Gal.

Actually, I use a 11 plant system, but not like a real ebb-flow system. The feeding is a drip system on grow rocks that runs 15mn on / 15mn off. The pipes are used to collect the drain flow.

So, can this system be compared to a ebb-flow/intermittent system, or a constant feeding unit. And which formula should I use. I thing that the 3rd formula, which is half between the Standart and the constant one, is approx. the better for me. Am I wrong? Thank you for the HUGE support on your site.

In Aeroflow Hydroponics, are the roots sprayed with nutrients constantly, or In intervals (once every 30 min). Does the water drain out as soon as it is applied and recirculated? Do you know the advantages of aeroponics as opposed to hydroponics like rate of growth and yield? thanx

Good Afternoon I am new to Hydroponics. I am building a hybrid Aeroponics/NFS. Can I use compost tea made from worm castings/stinging nettle (as I have been told the nettles are a rich source of nitgron, and it is a common weed where I live) as direct feeding solution? If this won’t work, please let me know of another solution. Thank you. Robert Barfield Minot ND

About "cloneinator" aeroponics system: 1) Beware rubbermaid aeroponics systems sold in the NW US. They have several problems to watch out for: a) Floures. light too far from starts. b) white translucent tray promotes algae in reservoir. c) Floures. light inside cover makes too much heat. d) Floures light not grounded- dangerous and problematic with any timer use. e) Floures light not bright enough. f) Exhaust fan keeps humidity too low for clones. g) Spray jets do not aerate, mist not fine enough. h) No-name or mfr'r or directions.

2) aeroponics a very demanding method of cloning- unpredictable variations occurring daily (after rework of hardware) including ph, reservoir versus top temps, humidity.

3) Appreciate the forum with its many viewpoints and experiences. Thanks.

Clone phone home!

To the "remote user" that wanted mist nozzles for aeroponics - just type in "mist/misting nozzles" on yahoo and a myriad/plethora of options will come up. Conical nozzles, spinlocks and fog nozzles in size 1/8th work the best. I dont think you'll have enough pressure for 56 nozzles with that small of a pump - even if they are low pressure 15-40 PSI nozzles- increase to a 350-500 GPH pump for atomization. Dont forget extra filter screens - you'll need em!

From: "Clone Phone Home"

Regarding: Aeroponics Pump and Rubbermaid "Cloneinator".

Yet another problem, surely the worst: After making appropriate adjustable spray nozzles from pump bottle sprayers, I find the pump provided in the "Cloneinator" provides ample flow (GPH) but totally inadequate pressure.

Higher pressure is Required for properly functioning aeroponics, as this is how the water is atomized, that is, turned into a very fine mist. Large droplets soak the medium with a low-oxygen spray, thus negating any postive results from an aeroponic system.

Note: Rubbermaid reservoir-basket is the only part of the entire system that functions as anticipated.

Note: I found that most any soil fertilizer- bloom or veg, does not contain necessary micronutrients REQUIRED for aeroponic (or hydroponic) success.

call me Aero-head

Re: Hand pollinating tomatoes

Very gently flick the blossom using your thumb and forefinger to shake the pollen loose. You may also try a hormone for tomatoes that is sprayed onto the blossom available from a garden center.

As far as growing lettuce is concerned, I've never tried it, but why not give it a shot using a bubbler system. Seems that it is somewhat close to aeroponics used for lettuce. It might work.


Please send me the howtohydro and/or aeroponics plans, thanks,


I would like to make a aeroponics clone starter. I have a plan to make the device(5 gallon pail design) but need to know about the mist system. How fine does the mist have to be? Can it be more of a stream or do I need a true mist? Should I use a combo of the two? What size pump? Considering a Rio 180, big enough? Are the mini sprinklers I see in the catalogs what I need?

Don't know

Question #2

Have a three by three indoor grow area that needs to support three or four tomato plants. Do I need a 400HPS light or is a 250 enough?

400 W, tomato plants love light.

Thanks for the input


Ron, I am planning on using your Miracle grow/Calcium Nitrate/Epsom salt nutrient in an aeroponics system. I was wondering if I should maybe cut the nutrient in half, and use 1/2 tsp of Miracle grow 1/8 tsp of Epsom salt, and 1/8 tsp of Calcium Nitrate per gallon of water there will be no medium, and therefore no buffer for the roots. I would also ask the same question about a water culture/aero hybrid system that I am building that is similar to the AeroFlo by General Hydro. Thanks a bunch.


Not a clue. 

What is the ratio of space required for hydroponic or even aeroponics cultivation as compared to traditional outdoor gardening??

It has been proven that 2000 square feet of outdoor garden space is able to produce 700 lbs of fruits and vegetables in one year (if done just right). If this is so, how much space does it require to produce the same amount of produce using hydroponics and aeroponics. This can be a general number or ratio because we are not talking about any specific crop. This might be easier to answer than the last posting. Thanks!!

Please e-mail answers back to me at ASAP Thanks!!

Daniel Ashworth, Jr.

About the same space. The benefit comes by the fruit finishing sooner and more weight.

Attn: CM

Re: Peppers in aeroponics

How about a description of your aeroponic setup. Pump brand, size, and model. Tank size, media used, nutrient used, etc. Maybe a web page pointing to something similar.


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