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How can I experiment with hydroponics?

Hi~ I am doing a report/experiment with hydroponics. I was wondering if anyone could give me a simple explation about hydroponics and some things hydroponics is used for. Thanks alot. Molly Anne

Ron, love your site. Have made the 11 plant garden and all is going far. One question. In some posts you say to use Calcium Chloride, and in other posts you say to use Calcium Nitrate, both with Miracle Grow. Which should I use? I have access to both. Thanks!


It's Nitrate I'm not sure where Chloride came from. That is a mistake.

Attn: Pingman

Yes, I have a GE 15 minute timer and run it 15 mins. on/off 24 hrs./day. Except between 10 AM and 6PM it's set to 30 mins. on and 15 mins. off cause that's the hottest part of the day.

The feed tubing I use is .156 in. inside diameter, and I'm beginning to think that it's a bit small. I got a length of 3/4 in. PVC tube yesterday and some 1/4 in. inside diameter feed tubing yesterday at Home Depot to experiment with. I'm first going to drill 10 holes in the 3/4 in. and countersink them, then press the .156 tubing in the holes and check what kind of flow I get. Then I will do the same again with larger holes for the 1/4 in. inside diameter feed tube and check the flow again. With 49 outlets needed on my other garden, I need more flow and want to use regular PVC pipe instead of the smaller pipe used on the Dig Corp. emmitter system. If it works, I'll send a sketch to Ron.

Sorry about the promised pics, I've just been too busy to get out in the back yard and get them, maybe this morning I can do it.


i like a set of Aeroponics too

how do i kill mushrooms growing in the lawn my dogs eat them and then are ill.

Does anyone know where to find graphs and charts of hydroponics? It is for my science project!! Please help me!

Eugene,E-Mail me at for details of supplies in ZA.westa

Ron, A lot of my tomatoes developed cracks radiating from the stem. I there an easy way to correct this?

what kind of fertilizers should i use?could i perlite and vermiculite?

I Am Holding A Halogen's, 150 Watts, 3000 Lumens Its For General Lighting But If I Can Use A Couple Of These Instead Of The $2-300 And Up Light Bulb For The Plants Through The Winter. We Can All Benefit From This Knowledge. Please Let Me Know About This, And I Need To Know How To Set Up An Aquarium for DROSERA CAPILLARIS

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