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Are passive hydroponics a better method?

Simple passive hydroponics. I am thinking about going passive. Will this work: Some grow rocks in 2 liter bottles, sitting on a tray in a tub of nutrient about 2 inches deep. Whenever it dries out I add more nutrient solution. Is that how simple it can be? How high should the rocks be and where should the seedling be? And I plan on using fluorescent bulbs. What wattages would work? All I want to do is grow two plants for fun. Sorry for the rambling. I just am pretty excited about trying something new. But I need to really keep it simple, I have roommates. Thanks..

I want to start a passive hydroponics project, and would like to know what kind of materials am i going to need to start?

passive hydroponics is the easiest. you fill a bucket with nute juice and set a plant in a smaller container with a growing medium (pebbles or sand...) then set the plant into the juice. the simplest active hydroponics uses bubblers- same design but add a bubbler to the bottom of the nute juice. thants my 2 cents... ~Ryan

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Thanks man for all the input........I will try the soapy water in the morning, It supposed to rain here tomorrow evening, maybe I can get rid of some of those lil bast**ds before then. One good thing, there are no signs that the fruit is being damaged....just those bugs all over the stems and leaves........I'm sure they have a purpose in life, but it's not on my deck eating my tomato plants! I will dominate them one way or another! Tony in Va.

What's the biggest garden ever made?

This one is pretty big. Can't tell what they are growing and what system they are using. 

Hi Adriana Chives as you can see by this picture is one of plants that I always could grow. Ron

what pressure pump should I use?

They are rated Gallon Per Hour (GPH) so depending on how high the garden is from the reservoir an 80 GPH on up to 350 GPH will work. You can use a flow control valve to cut down on the flow from a stronger pump. 

Saltpeter is the common name for Potassium Nitrate and is used to add Nitrogen to Ferts. Phosphoric acid is used to lower ph of solution. The two are not the same. Good Growing Nurse Duckett

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