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What are the advantages of indoor hydroponics?


I'm setting up an indoor hydroponics system and wanted to know how to manually cross pollinate tomato or other plants since the bees can't do their job indoors? Also, do you need to grow male/female plants for this?

Thanks Tim

What is the ratio of space required for hydroponic or even aeroponics cultivation as compared to traditional outdoor gardening??

It has been proven that 2000 square feet of outdoor garden space is able to produce 700 lbs of fruits and vegetables in one year (if done just right). If this is so, how much space does it require to produce the same amount of produce using hydroponics and aeroponics. This can be a general number or ratio because we are not talking about any specific crop. This might be easier to answer than the last posting. Thanks!!

Please e-mail answers back to me at ASAP Thanks!!

Daniel Ashworth, Jr.

About the same space. The benefit comes by the fruit finishing sooner and more weight.

do you know any sites that sell pot seeds?


to j white plants will grow faster done as hydro because the root system can grow faster and absorb the nutrient more eficently you can monitor nutrient levels better to

I'm assuming calcium chloride is used in the nutrient solution mix you give to add calcium to the plants. Am I correct in assuming this, if so do you think a calcium powder supplement for reptiles work instead? Thankyou

Have no idea. You must have me mistaken for someone who actually knows what he is doing.

What is one future use of hydroponics?

Some of my plants are having a problem. The fan leaves on the bottom have started to show yellow spots at te tips and progressively get worse. The spots end up turning brown and gray. It this over fertilization, nutrient lock up? Or is it a magnesium deficiency? I have leach the system with fresh water for a full 24 hours, have been foliar feeding and and put in new solution. It looks like I have stopped the problem for now. Any advice? Thanks, Bob

Changing the nutrient solution is the best thing you can do. Keep an eye on the new growth to make sure it is healthy and trim all the bad leaves. Ron

Is the 11 planter run like a ebb & Flow? If so, How long should the "level" be High? Thanks Jay

Just long enough to wet the roots every 20 minutes or so.

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