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Is indoor growing safe?

which is better for indoor growing hid or hps? 

I think you mean Metal Halide. Both MH and HPS are hid's (high intensity discharge).
HPS last longer and cost less per lumen to operate but cost more than a MH. I know MH is best for veg stage and HPS for flowering but if you can only afford one light I would go with HPS. 

Ok, I was recently looking at some advertisements in a mag and noticed two in particular. One of them was of Pyraponic Industries Phototron's and the other was of P.I.G.S. indoor growing systems. I am looking for a very small indoor growing system (lack of space). I need some advice concerning these products or anything else that might get the job done...thanks,

Hey Ron, Thanks for the quick response about the size pipe to use for bleach jug system. I am using a natural color industrial bleach jug style container with plain cap and found that it fits nice and tight in 1.5 inch std. pvc which I will use a small piece glued into the t fitting. Inside the gallon jug I am using a .5 gallon plastic jar to hold my medium which is going to be perlite with a little vermiculite. I figured using a container that is .5 gallon size would work good for growing 3-4 foot flowering plants. Please give your opinion on this setup. ? # 2. I have a limited area for the system so it's going in a closet and will get only artificial light from 2 175 wat merc.vap lights and I will probably add a 200 watt hps. Here is the problem I am expecting though, I feel it is going to get quite hot in the room, so here is my plan and I would like your opinion: I am adding 2 bath type exhaust fans, one bringing outside air in and one going out. I think this will help but I might need to add a cooling chamber for the water in the system and here is what I have in mind: 1st I am using a different style of pump than most people, it's a 12 volt diaphragm pump used on lawn/farm sprayers that has a high gpm output and it is not submersed it is connected to a hose that pulls water from the systems pipes then dumps it back in the .5 gallon containers thru controlled flow and puts excess flow right back in the pipes. Now with that said here's the idea, run a long amount or the suction hose thru a cooler full of ice or possibly a small fridge to create a cooling coil so when the system cycles it cools the water going to the plants thus helping to keep the overall temp down. What do you think or do you know of another way to do this?

Last ? for now, When cloning cuttings by using root tone on similar product and putting the cuttings into dirt, I have had success. How do you clone plants in a hydro environment? Is there a small system I should build just for this? or what can you tell me to get started successfully do this? Thanks, DC420

You want the bad news first. Mercury vapor lamps produce a color spectrum that is not as efficient as the halide or hps for indoor growing. It's not the kind of light to use if you expect any kind of yield. 
I use vermiculite for cloning not dirt. 

how dangerous is it to run a 400w HPS light and pump

If the light was made for indoor growing then they are pretty safe. It's when you start using street lights and wiring your own then you might burn down your house.

Does anyone know the difference between an Ebb and Flow system, and Hydroponics, ? and which one would be better for indoor growing of African Violets and Poppies, with a 1500 watt metal halide light source

Ebb and Flow (aka) Flood and Drain is a kind of hydroponics. Just as NFT (nutrient film technique), Aeroponics, Drip emitter systems are all forms of hydroponics. Any system where plants are grown without soil could be considered hydroponics.

hey ron,george in crescent city fl.this will be my first year with a winter greenhouse.will be growing various hot peppers,tomatoes,& some herbs using the drip system in a 12 x 24 greenhouse.i am trying to estimate how much heat i will need to get thru the winter.books say 75 degrees is the optium temp.should i try to maintain this temp 24 a day or just during the nite & exceptionally cold daytime temps.don't want to under or over estimate the system.tia,george

75 degrees is strictly for indoor growing. Green house growing is a whole new ball game. The ideal system for hydroponic growing would be a covered greenhouse with plastic sides that could be rolled up as soon as the sun started to heat things up. Shade cloth also helps when it gets too hot and also helps to keep the bugs out.
I hope to have my greenhouse roof on before the first frost or all the pictures of plants that you see in HydroRon Live will be dead.

Hey Ron Ive exchanged words w/you B4. Advice helped, Thank You. Your 2ltr system rocks! These are cannibis plants... Ive been flowering for about 2.5 months now under HPS lighting. Everytime I think theyre done, I see more new white stigmas, over and over! Ive been air drying and smoking some, but they have that "green" taste to them. The high is alright I guess, but short. But they smell so skunky? When I touch them, and then smell my hands, they smell terrific! My lease is up in July, Im getting nervous! What is going on? Do I just need to be patient??? Any help would be great! thanx again,


What you have their is a sativa variety which will take longer to finish and some varieties never will if they aren't suited for indoor growing. Stick with the wide leaf indica varieties for indoor growing. 

Hello! Great Site, I have learned a lot here. I am new to HP but have done a lot of indoor growing in dirt. I am intrigued by the aeroflo idea and would like to build one. It seems similar to a NFT technique are there any differences between the one general sells and a home built NFT like the one at ?? Thanks-AJ

just found this site- there is a god- where or what is best information on small (very small)indoor growing for #1 cash crop ie. step by step info start to finish? any suggestions

Read ever page on this web site from start to finish.

Hey man. I followed your advice on the 11 plt garden. But I got a little creative, and I dont think it was a mistake. I built a 4 bottle garden, planted 4/bottle to ensure I got plants, ended up getting 16 plants and they are all doing fine in a 2'/2' space, 5' tall. I also have them so close, the bottles are touching. I have not seen any stretching, just some thick-ass stems, and bushy-ass pot 'bushes'! To get them bushy I have been training the stems to grow in a spiral upwards- really cool looking. My problem is I need to start flowering, and I cant afford the HPS right now, so I need to slow down growth w/out affecting potency???Do I just take them off 24/hr lights and give them a break, (18 on 6 off) and ease up on the nutrients? Im not sure and Im not going to do anything w/out advice. They are about 15" tall and growing faster every day.

Change your light cycle to 12-12 and start budding with the light you got. Increase the nutrient strength. They will continue to grow another 5 or 6 inches while flowering. Sounds like you got a good strain for indoor growing.  

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