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Why do I love hydroponics?

i love hydroponics, i wish that it actually worked

ATT: Bill S and Tailwheel

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Is there any common household item I can add to my nutrient solution that will lower the ph levels?

Yes Click Here

Hey Ron, I asked you the other day about indoor lighting and lumens per sq. ft. I guess I meant, what is the absolute point of diminished returns with regards to the lumens used by a (light-loving!) plant. Given that all other growth factors are optimum like co2,food,etc. It's just hypothetical anyways, I dont have the $$$$$$ for a dozen 1500 watters! Realistically though, I think like 100-125watts per ft. would have fairly good results. Sorry to babble, thanx for your time and a kick-ass website!

Maybe this will help. Picture 1 or the hole page. (193 KB)

I'm looking for a nutrient solution for dummies approach. Where can I learn all I need to know to grow healthy plants? I have a conductivity meter and I haven't got a clue what it all means. I'm completely confused by all the terminology eg.) TDS, EC, CF, ppm, ppt, microSiemens, milliSiemens etc.etc. My meter reads in milliSiemens. Can I use this? and What would an ideal reading in milliSiemens be for my blooming nutrient, and vegetative nutrient. Please advise. Thanks much.

EC - Electrical Conductivity measures the rate a small electrical current flows through a solution. Usually measured in microomhos per centimeter (u.Mho/cm) or microsiemens per centimeter (u.S/cm) 1.0u.Mho/cm = 1.0u.S/cm 
How many millis are in a micro? Now you got me confused. Get back to you later.

the 11 plant system??/ how big of a plant can that hold???? can that handle tomatoes and peppers???


Patio type tomatoes that only grow 3 or 4 feet are ok.

help with carbon filter can someone please tell me if the carbon filter should go before or after the fan? also should the filter be in the or out of the erea being teated bye the filter? have a great day azz

Is there a way to tell male and female plants from the seeds?


where is the best place in London to get a tropical fish tank.

From Big Ben go 3 blocks to Barniby Street and then left to the London Bridge in Arizona.

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