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Octopot Soil Hydro Hybrid Grow System 6 Gallon Size For Sale

Octopot Soil Hydro Hybrid Grow System 6 Gallon Size

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Octopot Soil Hydro Hybrid Grow System 6 Gallon Size:

Shorter Veg Time and No Transplanting! Octopot's 3 Gallon Grow System saves space and saves money. Put more plants under indoor grow lights which saves electricity and cost of equipment. Reduce plant loss and labor by eliminating the act of transplanting, and the risk of transplant shock. Start seeds or clones in Octopot's 3 Gallon System!

Octopot’s revolutionary dual rootzone design! Octopots grow big plants fast with less effort and lessinputs. Like a tree growing next to a pond, plants in Octopots getoptimum amounts of water, nutrients and oxygen continuously throughout all stagesof plant growth. No Root Rot, No Stagnant Water! Octopot's DualRoot Zone design eliminates the problems with wicking. Octopotsare low consumption, low maintenance and lowrisk – save time and money. Octopotsare aclean closed system that wastes no water and does not requireelectricity. Start from seed, clone or rooted plant start and growanywhere indoors and outdoors with no worries.Octopotswater and feed plants for up to 10+ daysgiving growers the freedom to leave without relying on others to care for theirplants. Cultivate in one Octopot or grow an entire garden with Octopot'sAuto Fill Systems. More info at Octopot.com

Octopot’srevolutionary hybrid design supplies plant roots with the oxygen they needwithout added equipment that requires electricity. No dependence onelectricity means lower energy bills and no plant loss from equipment failuresor power outages.Octopots are designed with a large surface area of waterin the Hydro Reservoir for efficient oxygen transfer. Oxygen is attractedto water and naturally there is an atmospheric exchange at the surface area ofwater. Octopot’s design creates the balance of water and oxygen necessaryto maintain healthy conditions for plant roots to thrive. Dissolved oxygenpresent in the water of Octopot’s Hydro Reservoir reflects a balance betweenoxygen producing processes (e.g. photosynthesis) and oxygen consuming processes(e.g. aerobic respiration). Octopot Grow Systems create an oxygen richenvironment where dissolved oxygen is added to and removed from the system byatmospheric exchange (aeration and degassing).

Octopotsoxygenate plant rootswithout added equipment orpower. Air stones are unnecessary and can bedetrimental if not used properly. Usingair stones or bubblers withOctopots will disrupt the surface area of water where oxygen transfers.Disruption in oxygen can cause pH swings in the water.BalancedpHis essential because it affects the availability of nutrients to plantroots.Octopot only recommends air stones for suspending heavy organic teas in theHydro Reservoir. Seta timer forair stones with equalintervalson and off to allow thewaterto recover between cycles.OctopotGrowSystems offer easy access for pHmeters.

Each 6 GallonOctopot Grow System Includes:

One Piece 6 Gallon Hydro Reservoir 18 x 18 x 5.5 inches

HydroWick® (Fits Both 3 and 6 Gallon Systems)

UV Protected HDPE

Depth Gauge

GroSleeve® 6 Gallon Size

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