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Microgreen Grow Kit - 5 Harvests (Fun Pack) - 5 Varieties of Microgreens For Sale

Microgreen Grow Kit - 5 Harvests (Fun Pack) - 5 Varieties of Microgreens

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Microgreen Grow Kit - 5 Harvests (Fun Pack) - 5 Varieties of Microgreens:

Microgreen Grow Kit - 5 Harvests (Fun Pack) - 5 Varieties of Microgreens
1-Basic Salad Mix Seed Pack, 1-Broccoli Seed Pack, 1-Speckled Peas Seed Pack, 1-Black Oil Sunflower Seed Pack, 1-Rambo Purple Radish Seed Pack. Our Kit includes everything you need to grow 5 Harvests.

Your Microgreen Grow Kit contains everything that you need to grow your own nutritious food. The Step by Step Seeds for Life TM Microgreen How-to Instructions.

Add some indirect light, a little water and some love to enjoy your Harvest. "Catch the Wave of Nutrition" TM with a Living Fresh Foods Microgreen Growing Kit and Nutrition Products.


* A Recyclable Food Grade Grow Container

* SuperGrowMix TM Coco Coir Grow Media: Ready to Use Mix enhanced with Ionic Sea Minerals, Worm Castings, MycorrPlus TM Mycorrhizae, Organic Coco Coir, Kelp, Gypsum, Magnesium, Rock Minerals, Perlite and Humus. Retains up to 5X of Water versus Soil. Reusable for multiple Plantings

* Seeds for Life TM Microgreen Seed Packs: 1-Basic Salad Mix, 1-Broccoli, 1-Speckled Peas, 1-Black Oil Sunflower, 1-Rambo Purple Radish. Enough for 5 Harvests. A great way to try a variety of Microgreens.

* Liqui-Trace TM Sea Minerals Super Concentrate Misting Sprayer with Dropper to keep your Seeds moist and boost your Crops with Trace Minerals

The Grow Container is made of Reusable BPA Free Design that converts into a Food Storage Container for the Refrigerator. The Grow Container is Dishwasher, Refrigerator and Food Grade Safe.

Microgreens are noted for their nutritional impact. Eat Living Fresh Foods as a Snack, eat on a Sandwich or Salad, enjoy with Soup, cook them as an ingredient to your Dish or eat as a Living Garnish.
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