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Drip Hydroponic Grow System Complete Super Size Plants Auto-feed Set Up USA Made For Sale

Drip Hydroponic Grow System Complete Super Size Plants Auto-feed Set Up USA Made

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Drip Hydroponic Grow System Complete Super Size Plants Auto-feed Set Up USA Made:

New design configuration hydroponic system.

This design addresses several main issues among other hydroponic systems:

  • This unit is an auto-feeding system that is continuously cycling and oxygenating the nutrient solution. Nutrient reservoir/ control module is large enough that nutrient solutions only needs to be changed once per week. This model works best using 4-6 gallons of solution.
  • This unit is the easiest when it comes to completely draining the old solution in prepping for the new weekly mix. Total draining can be achieved in minutes.
  • The grow station has a bottom drain so that all nutrient solution easily drains when changing.
  • All components are FDA compliant food storage ready and BPA free. This is something to consider if you are growing anything for consumption. The containers used are made in the USA and heavy duty.
  • The nutrient reservoir/ control module has a shut-off valve so is can double as a nutrient prep station to get the nutrient solution mixed and pH'ed properly before solution is introduced to the plant.
  • This unit is an extremely efficient design. The air pump that powers the unit only consumes 3.5 watts.
  • Designed to be easily used in a Grow Tent. The pictures show the unit in a 3'x3' tent but one unit will accommodate larger or smaller sized grow tents. With this unit one cannabis plant will fill an entire 4'x4' Grow Tent. This unit will blow your mind. And will easily pay for itself many times over with the first harvest.
  • This unit comes preassembled. It is ready to go once unpacked. It includes everything to get you started. It even comes with one liter of Hydroton clay pebbles growing media. Just add a grow light, your nutrient solution mix, and the plant of your choice. Other hydroponics units on the market require extensive assembly and knowledge. This unit is ready to go right out of the box!
  • A youtube video series featuring this unit is currently in the works that will be debuting soon. Its purpose will be to assist in getting the best results possible from this unit.

This hydroponic unit will give impressive results. It comes complete with:

  • 7 gallon heavy duty nutrient reservoir/ control module station
  • 3.5 gallon elevated bottom drain grow station
  • control module
  • hanging air pump with hook
  • tubing
  • 1 liter hydroton clay pebble grow media

This unit does not include grow tent, grow light, or nutrients.

It is a good idea to supplement this unit's nutrient solutions with hypochlorous acid or hydrogen peroxide. It is susceptible to scale and nutrient build up which has the potential to clog parts and damage roots. Athena brand nutrients makes an excellent hypochlorous acid for hydroponics called cleanse. It will keep this unit in tip top shape and will make your roots happy, clean, and they will explode with growth! I am not affiliated with Athena Nutrients at all.

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