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Automatic 12 Pod Germination Seed Kit Height Adjustable Indoor Gardening Grow For Sale

Automatic 12 Pod Germination Seed Kit Height Adjustable Indoor Gardening Grow

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Automatic 12 Pod Germination Seed Kit Height Adjustable Indoor Gardening Grow:

LED Height Adjustable Automatic 12-Pod Indoor Garden Germination Kit Self Watering Smart Soil Sponge Ideal for Various Plants DIY Decoration


Smart tou-ch - tou-ch button, no pressure, easy to operate.

High Power Supplementary Light - High power scientific plant supplement lamp.The spectrum contains red and blue light, and 1 kilowatt-hour of electricity is used continuously for an average of 2.7 days, which is more effective in preventing the RA-PID aging of plants.

One Machine for Dual Use - Has a dual mode. Satisfy the needs of light in different periods of flower viewing, leaf viewing, leafy vegetables, fruits and vegetables, or the growth period of a single plant.

Automatic Fill Light - Each time the light is turned on, it will automatically fill in the light for 14 hours, so there is no need to set the time.

Large Capacity Water Tank - 4L large capacity water tank with scaled perspective window.

Water Circulatory System - There is an automatic water circulation pump in the water tank, which automatically works for 30 minutes every 30 minutes without setting time, and maintains the oxygen content of the water body to effectively prevent the roots of plants from rotten.

Adjustable Lampshade - Freely retractable, adjustable height lampshade. It can meet the needs of different heights of plants and plants that require different light intensities. The closer the plant is, the STRONG-ER the light intensity.


Humanized Design Water Inlet: Easy to add water

Water Level Perspective Window:Water shortage at a glance

Plant Growth Light: Four kinds of plant lights scientific ratio

Aluminum Telescopic Tube: It can be adjusted freely according to the height of the plant, and the headroom can be up to 30cm.

Silent Ventilation Fan: Give the vegetable a tou-ch of nature

Package Included

1 x Intelligent planter

1 x Telescopic aluminum rod

12 x Baskets

12 x Seeding block

1 x Power adapter

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