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Aeroponic Hydroponic Garden Cloner Sprayer Manifold 7" x 7" EZ Clone Seed System For Sale

Aeroponic Hydroponic Garden Cloner Sprayer Manifold 7

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Aeroponic Hydroponic Garden Cloner Sprayer Manifold 7" x 7" EZ Clone Seed System:

Thank you for visiting my listing:

Ships Automatic Priority Mail to Northeast US

Aeroponic Hydroponic Garden Cloning 9 Sprayer Manifold 7" x 7" EZ Clone System

Perfect for the TurboKlone T24 (please specify if it for the TurboKlone and I will make it that height)

or any DIY System that size

Spraying oxygenated water in suspended air creates a perfect environment for drawing out roots and almost ensures perfect healthy growth and a balanced pH

Perfect for Seed Starting or Cloning Vegetables like Tomatoes, Peppers, Lettuce etc

(9) 360 Degree EZ clone sprayers (3 Extra Included)

7"L X 7"W

8" in Height (Adjustable at Request)

Sprayers can be unscrewed and replaced

Comparable to a stock EZ Clone Spray Manifold

Will fit any pump with a 1/2" opening

8" in Height with the included 6" Vertical Pipe Connector with 1/2" Threaded Adapters and will fit any Submersible Pump with a 1/2" Thread

Easy to Clean, not glued together for easy disassembly

If you need a specific height please make a note in your order

400Gph Recommended

Please let me know if you have any questions

Thank you for visiting!!!

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